J&D ESPRESSO @ Bandar Utama

Opened in August 2012, J&D Espresso is a well kept hidden gem in Oasis Business Centre  Bandar Utama, run by two young entrepreneurs who have studied and worked in Australia for years. Through many years of training and research in Sydney, Australia, these two young men have been able to create some of the best coffee in town, hence they planned to bring back what they had learn to their home country, offering quality coffee and food in this espresso bar and cafe.

Their good coffee, cozy environment and delicately prepared meal has bring them a successful path where they have already featured in some of the best lifestyle magazines in town such as Flavours, Coffee T&I and Time Out KL within just few months since the cafe was launched.

Environment wise, the entire restaurants isn’t spacious, but is cozy enough to allow diners to lay back and enjoy their food. Black and dark grey theme complimenting the hue lighting, soft background music and lifestyle magazines lining up at the tall tables upon entrance, creating a casual, relax ambience. Diners can choose to sit at tall tables with high chairs, the usual dining areas with wooden tables and cushion chairs with high seat back, or a more intimate corners where you can take off your shoes and sit comfortably with cushion to lay on.

Big Aussie Brekky (RM23.00)
J&D Espresso offers all day breakfast, with selections of breakfast platters such as Baked Eggs, Eggs Atlantic, Eggs Benedicts, Pancake Stack, Big Aussie Brekky, Duck Congee, Breakfast Bruschetta 3 Egg Omelette to choose from.

Among all, Big Aussie Brekky is the best seller, comes in hearty portion consisting 2 rashes of bacon, smoked garlic sausage, cherry tomatoes, balsamic mushroom medley, 2 eggs done your way, potato croquette, baked beans and toasted bread. While the platter is quite a standard big breakfast style, what makes the breakfast noteworthy is, J&D uses finely selected organic eggs, promoting healthier concept to diners.

Pork Burger (RM17.00)
For main, we went for the famous Pork Burger. The pork patty is made in house from minced pork and spices, shaped into round and grilled to perfection to lock the juiciness within. The patty is topped with bacon and melted cheese and sandwiched into two fresh, soft homemade burger bun. Open the mouth big and take a deep bite to have everything in one mouthful is just so satisfying.

Aussie with an Egg Pizza (RM22.00)
We also sampled the Aussie with an Egg Pizza, a popular favourite pizza in Australia with richer toppings compared to classic Italian pizza. Thin in crust, the pizza is generously loaded with mozzarella, bacon, herbs and parmesan mix, and involved cracking an egg into the middle of the pizza before baking it in blazing hot oven. Flavourful, cheesy, packed with smoky flavours of bacon strips. Good!

Cafe Latte (RM7.00)
As the restaurant named, coffee is also one of the highlights in J&D espresso. They are able to extract the best espresso from their beans to provide an outstanding coffee with golden layer of crema. So when the crema is combined with properly frothed fresh milk, beautiful latte art can be created to conclude an cuppa of easily enjoyed coffee without the taste of bitterness.

High in quality aside, the price is also a steal. Priced from RM 6 to RM8, their coffee is definitely much reasonable compared to many coffee places. We had the cafe latte, nicely frothed with rosetta on top, showcases a smooth and milky sensation with a sweet note.

Other than coffee, J&D also offers wide selections of drinks such as English breakfast tea, iced chocolate, ice Thai red tea, Katsuri limau, mix berry smoothies, cookies and cream smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and beers, just to name a few.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake (RM12.00)

Dense, chocolaty chocolate cake paired with vanilla ice cream, dressed with icing sugar. The lava cake doesn’t disappoint us, as we seen warm molten chocolate oozing out once cutting through, such a sinfully delicious treat of hot and cold combination. We could hardly stop. Eat first and keep fit later!

Upside Down Apple & Almond Pudding (RM12.00)
We were quite stuffed by the time when Upside Down Apple & Almond Pudding reached, but we still managed to finish the whole cake. The pudding was moist, compact in texture and further moisturized by the sweet butterscotch sauce lacing over, covered with a rich chocolate top.

Other than these two, J&D Espresso also proudly present their homemade Lamington Cake, an Australian favourite that you can’t find elsewhere in Malaysia according to the owner. So, do try them out in J&D Espresso!

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

J&D Espresso
Oasis Business Centre BU11,
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Contact: 017- 313 3931
Email: my.ristretto@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JnDEspresso