Cassia Café & Bistro @ Shah Alam

During our stay in De Art Hotel Shah Alam, we ventured into some cafés and restaurants nearby, and felt great to come across Cassia Café & Bistro, a hidden gem which doesn’t look convincing from the outside, but surprisingly serves up delicious quality American and Asian fusion food at affordable price.

Buffalo Wings (RM12.00)
We started off with the Buffalo Wings. Pieces of chicken wings deeply infused with special marination, deep fried and smothered with spicy peri peri sauce. Spicy with light crisp at the outside, followed by juiciness inside, we enjoyed eating them with hands. So finger licking good.

Cassia Fried Rice (RM10.00)
We got stunned at the sizable portion of fried rice and huge piece of lamb chop topping over when it arrived, because it only cost us at RM10.00. So unbelievable. Good price aside, the dish tasted good with nicely grilled lamb chop in slightly burnt edge to bring up the smokiness, paired well with fluffly fried rice. For the price, size, and quality, we could hardly get the same at any other places.

Lamb Shank (RM59.00/set)
Continued on we had lamb shank, again, another hearty portion of dish. Slow braised for five to six hours, the lamb shank was soft, moist with easily-fell-off-the-bone meat. The gravy was concentrated with sweetness and essence rendered by the lamb during braising. No MSG, just lightly touched up only with cinammon.

The bed of vegetables and mashed potato was soaked up with the flavours of gravy, turning the simple side dish into a glorious one. It came with a drink and cake of the day to make up a full, comlplete set.

Chicken Perrilicious (RM15.00)
Marinated and grilled to golden brown, the chicken leg was brushed over with home made peri sauce. Slightly spicy but still within acceptable range even if you couldn’t take spicy food. Served along with salad and fries.

Salmon steak (RM20.00)
Go healthy with Norwagien salmon steak, lightly pan seared to result in crispy skin, but remain the flaky and juicy texture. Mouthful of good Omega-3 fats.

Onion Burger (RM18.00)
Cassia Cafe makes good burger too, and it is huge! Between two charcoal bun, sandwiched a thick patty, cheese, onion rings, vegetables and lots of sauces. Meat patty was homemade. Minced, seasoned, and grilled to lock the juiciness within. Meaty and flavouful. Definitely another satisfying bites that made us gave excuse to put weight management aside, again.

Steak Frites (RM35.00)
Highly recommended dish. Prepared using Australian beef, the skewers were so flavourful, deeply infused with texture and robust in flavours. Good without any sauce needed, but no harm trying the special sauce, delicately made in house by the chef.

All these dishes were not complete with a glass of drinks. There are wide variety of beverage to choose, from non-alcohol cocktails, soft drinks, juicies to smoothies, you will surely find the one you like.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Cassia Café & Bistro
No 46, Jalan Keluli an7/an,
Pusat Perindustrian Bukit Raja (Seksyen7),
Shah alam, Selangor
Business Hours: 11am-11pm
Contact: 03-33596455