Golden Coast Shrimp @ Oasis Damansara [CLOSED DOWN]

Established in 1996, Golden Coast Shrimp Restaurant has swept their name across Taiwan, famous for serving live freshwater prawns and other seafood. This restaurant with 17 years of history has finally landed their flagship in Malaysia, having the first outlet in Oasis Damansara.

Boasts with cozy and natural environment, there’s no bar tables and high stool, classy tables and furnitures, or any with modern contemporary settings. What comes into eyes once reaching are charming low tables and chairs made from bamboo, fully imported from Taiwan.

Lemon Shrimps (RM65.00)
We started off with something unusual to the palate – Deep fried prawn ladled with vibrant, yellowish lemon sauce. Expecting it to be sweet and tangy, we bravely make a heavy coat of sauce for our first shrimp. and ended up shouting for ‘oouch-sooo-sour’ at the first sip. Very sour indeed. But as we continue to sip on, the aroma and sourness of lemon sauce started to make a harmony balance with the succulent prawns, gracefully tickling the taste bud instead of just being sour. By the end, the tanginess becomes a must to go with the shrimp. Such an exciting and appetizing flavour.

Garlic Shrimp (RM60/large, RM35/small)
Continue on we have the Garlic Shrimp, which will be great for garlic lover. The spicy exotic flavours of the garlic paste pairs well with the fresh bouncy prawns, can’t resist to lick them clean before moving on to open up the shells.

Pepper Shrimp (RM60/large, RM35/small)
Very much alike to the Garlic Shrimp, with premium quality grinded black pepper seeded as coating base for the Thailand shrimp. Loaded with aroma of black pepper, pepper lover may jump overjoyed but may be too spicy for those who don’t. But to us, the spiciness still within the range we can accept, very aromatic and unique way to pair with prawns.

Roast Lamb Chop (RM75.00)
Roast Lamb Chop is definitely the must try from the menu. Lightly grilled without any pre-marination or sauce brushed over, the lamb is encased with the most original sweetness and flavours of lamb, juicy and tender without any unpleasant gamey taste. Even the girl who doesn’t like to have lamb lover gives a surprise nod to the good taste. For those who want to add extra flavours to the it, make a dip to their house cumin seed.

Salt Baked Mackerel (RM50.00)

Imported from Norway and weight 650g to 850g each, the mackerel fish is yet another good flavour that can compete with similar dish in Japanese restaurants. The marination is again kept at minimum, only seasalt is brushed over and oven-baked to result in a crisp skin, soft and moist flesh. Delicious to be eaten alone without any extra extra dressing needed, fresh and juicy with a touch of saltiness.

Buttercrab (RM95/large, RM75/small)

One of the best sellers in the restaurant, and suit local taste bud the most. According to the owner, this is the very few choices which are specially prepared to cater local demand, and surprisingly, every loves this, including us of course. The dish comes with a huge, fleshy Indonesia Crab generously showered with a bed of extra thick pure vegetable gravy. So flavoursome, creamy and milky that we could hardly not liking it.

Served along with deep fried golden mantau specially prepared to go with the finger-licking good sauce.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Golden Coast Shrimp
D-G-07, Oasis Square,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Petaling Jaya,
Ara Damansara,
47301, Selangor.