Dine Using Your Hands @ Shell Out, Kota Damansara

-Shell Out- Take the shell out with your hands. That’s literally what Shell Out trying to tell. Perhaps.-

– Side dish: Fried Fish Basket. Served with Cajun Fries-

Located in Kota Damansara, Shell Out is so far the only restaurant in KL and Klang Valley area which runs a unique American concept of serving crustacean and seafood delights- having freshly cooked shelled seafood flavoured up in a bag of sauces, then pour them out on a large sheet of brown wax paper and eat them with hands.

-King Prawn (RM29.90/300g; RM39.90/500g; RM77.90/1kg)

No spoon, no fork, no plate. Your hands will be the cutlery and the sheet of paper will be your plate. So, be ready to get your hands dirty as everything will turn messy by the end of your meal- piles of shells, fingers stained with sauces, etc.

We find this idea interesting, as many choose not to eat seafood with hands when dining outside. More truth for those who have trouble peeling of shelled seafood without using hands, example- Summergirl, as she always have prawns flying out from the plate when peeling them with fork and spoon. Shame for her as Summerkid is an expert in eating seafood with these cutlery.

But now in Shell Out, everyone is from the same team- We all eat with hands. So just eat heartily and enjoy the finger licking good sensation. Yummeh. Ladies, don’t be shy!

-Nautical interior that makes you want to hum on “Popeye the Sailorman, pupu~”-

The entire restaurant boasts a nautical ambience, with fishing net and life buoy hanging across the restaurant, making us think of the blue sky, ocean, sailor and starts to hum on “popeye the sailorman, pupu~”.

– at Shell Out, doodles are encouraged-

As we eye around, lots of signatures left by patrons are seen in every corners, from walls, partitions, tables to even lamp. A sign that they encourage doodles here! Just leave your names and comments during your visit, we may spot yours during our next visit. *finger crossed*.

– Medium size Indonesia Crab-

All these ideas come from the young entreprenuer, Mr. Derrick Yap who has spend 13 years in the States, experienced different kinds of dining culture. Serving seafood in basket and eat with hands is common there, and is one of the cultures that he is eager to share with Malaysians. This has led him to come back and open Shell Out, trying to add more dining choices to Malaysia, the land of food heaven.

-Cute, alive Yabbies from Australia-

Seafood here are all alive before going into cooking, as the restaurant wants to ensure cooked items served to your table is of freshest. These little Yabbies are restaurant’s signature, imported from Australia and rarely spotted in most restaurants. We are glad to have them here.  A must try! Mouthful of freshness and bounciness!

– Yabbies in Cajun Sauce. Packed in flavours. Bouncy in texture.-

The main sauces here are Cajun sauce, where the kitchen will first cook the seafood and throw them into a plastic bag together with sauce, then shake evenly to make sure that each and every prawn, crab or yabbies is nicely coated with the flavourful sauce while maintaining the umami taste of seafood. SHAKE…SHAKe..SHAke..SHake..Shake.. and more shake for better flavours.

-Clam (RM16.90/500g; RM88.90/1kg)-

To order your meal,first choose your catch of Indonesia Crab (Market Price), King Crab Legs (Market Price, pre-order only), King Prawn (RM29.90/300g; RM39.90/500g; RM77.90/1kg), Clam (RM16.90/500g; RM88.90/1kg), Crawfish/Yabbies (RM46.90/500g; RM88.90/1kg); Scallop in 1/2 shell (RM18.90/250g; RM35.90/500g).

– Escargot, available only on weekends. Mark your calendar-

Step 2, pick your sensation by choosing sauce of Lemon Pepper, Butter Garlic, Shell Bang (combination of Lemon Pepper and Butter Garlic), Black Pepper or Curry. Next, spice them up with mild, medium or OMG which indicates spiciness of your bountiful seafood in ascending level.

– Add on- Broccoli (RM8.90/h; RM15.90/w)-

You can also add on broccoli (RM7.90/h; RM15.90/w), corn on Cab (RM1.90/ea) and Potato (RM1.90/ 3 pcs) to volume up your meal, as well as bringing a more balance nutrition.

-Corn on Cab (RM1.90/ea). Get mild for kids-

As the sauces are deep in flavours, the consequences is one may need to dig into a bowl of rice to tone down the heaviness. No worries, rice is on the menu at RM1.50 per bowl, and daily soup, garlic bread, coleslaw, potato salad and Shell Out greens are on the list too. Recommend to order a plate or two for sharing. It makes your dining here more enjoyable as these light,mild flavour side dishes help to bring down the over-cloying feeling.

-Fried Chicken Wings (RM12.90/ 4 pcs)-

Apart from that, Shell Out offers more seafood varieties in deep fried method, such as Fried Calamari (RM11.90), Fried Shishamo Fish (RM10.90), Fried Soft Shell Crab (RM14.90), Fried Fish Basket (RM10.90). Fried Chicken Wings (RM12.90/4 pcs) is the only poultry dish here, while Cajun Fries(RM6.90), Fried Sweet Potato (RM9.90) and Fried Wedges (RM7.90) are of course those unhealthy but satisfying good sides that makes you put the possibilities of getting an extra inch of waistline behind.

-Fried Sweet Potato (RM6.90). Goes great with a pint of beer. Chat all night long-

Among all, Fried Sweet Potato and Fried Shishamo Fish are our favourite. Chunky filling layered with crispy batter, addictive snack that can hardly call for a stop. For Fried Shishamo Fish, since they are of petite side, flesh is not the main point, but the crispy cracking fins draw us slowly nibble on it. Good. Each basket comes with a side of Cajun fries.

-Potato (RM1.90/ 3 pcs).  Packed with earthy goodness.-

Dining in Shell Out is awesome. Try today! Don’t worry on over-dirty. Scarf and gloves are available. =D

Photographer: Summer
Write-up: YLing

Shell Out Seafood Restaurant (Kota Damansara Outlet)
16-1, Jalan PJU5/15,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: 016 – 4184 616
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theshellout

Shell Out Seafood Restaurant (Setia Alam Outlet)
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AK U13/AK, Setia Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: 016 – 4194 616
Opening Hours:
Sun – Thur (11.30am to 10:00pm)
Fri & Sat (11.30am to 11:00pm)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theshellout/

Shell Out G-Village Outlet
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55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact no: 016-340 4616
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