French Cuisine with Topshelf @ TTDI

Resides in a quite shoplots surrounded by neighbourhood in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Topshelf is a restaurant less than two years old, but is well known within the neighbourhood for its authentic French cuisines. The entire restaurant boasts cozy, warmth ambience, just ideal as a lay back spot after a long day of tiring work.

The kitchen is led by a young chef, Christopher Yee who has 8 years of culinary experience. He specializes in French and Japanese cuisine, and has studied in London, worked in Paris before coming back Malaysia to pursue his dream of having his own restaurant, together with Hairenna Othman. “This is the dream of every chef.” he said.

Topshelf aims to embrace customer with high quality French cuisine, not only to suit even the most discerning tastebud but also hoping to have each customer to leave with a satisfy stomach. This is also why the restaurant is named- Topshelf, a word that defines ‘high quality’.

Salad Nicoise (RM20.00)
Our visit there starts with Salad Nicoise, a starter recommended for sharing, or for those who want to keep their meal light. A generous bed of mixed greens, tomato, potato, french beans and egg tossed with homemade shallot vinegratte dressing. Light but great in texture, flavours and colour added with seared tuna.

Pesto Capellini (RM22.00)
Continue with Pesto Capellini, a plate of angel hair pasta topped over with homemade arugula, rocket salad pesto sauce, parmesan cheese, pine nuts and a touch of truffle oil. You may find the pasta very light, but just at a right balance as you pair with the pesto that delivers a piquant flavour to whet up the appetite.

Moules Mariniere (RM30.00)

A classic French dish that has New Zealand black mussels cooked in white wine and fresh tomatoes. One of our favourite starter that night. You can either have it light by enjoying the mussel alone, or have it heavier together with the tomatoish gravy. But do drink up the leftover soup, or have them with a dip of bread served along, as it is so good, so nourishing. Too pity waste.

Les Escargots au Beurre (RM23.00)
Don’t think it alive, think about the garlicky, buttery and toasty sensation that develop in the palate as you tuck in the escargot. So flavourful that having only one for each to share among six of us is just not enough.

Pumpkin Ravioli (RM25.00)
Ravioli, a filled pasta that is always classified as the Western version dumpling, but of course, can’t deny that the former is more exquisite. Top shelf made their own ravioli, combining roasted pumpkin puree, spinach and cheese as the filling, and encase them within silky smooth pasta and cook in cheesy, buttery gravy. Ricotta cheese is used, for this soft cheese provides better texture and medium strong flavour that doesn’t overhelme the sweetness of pumpkin, but adding complements to it. Highly recommmended.

Coq Au Vin (FM28.00)
We realise that most dishes here get into an interaction with wine, including the Coq Au Vin, a tender piece of chicken marinated in red wine over night, then lightly sear to locked the juiciness and slowly cook with mushrooms, shallots, cheese and burgundy juice to gradually bring out the flavours.

Beef Ribs Bourguigon (RM36.00)
Traditionally, beed ribs are not used for this dish. But in order to promote better flavours, Top Shelf takes a replace by marinating beef ribs with red wine, making a twist from the traditional way. Braised for about 5 to 6 hours, the meat is fork tender, deeply flavoured with a thick brown gravy.

Linguini Alle Vongole (RM30.00)
Linguini Alle Vongole, a bed of linguine sits in a bed of broth infuesed with the sweetness from clams, and a faint hint of white wine.

Confit de Canard
One of the signatures dishes here, lots of hardwork to prepare, but the chef take the effort to present the dish for it is a classic must-have French dish. Appreciate.

Duck confit literally means “cooking the meat in its own fat”. How complicated is the process? After overnight marination of the duck in spices, salt, herbs, garlic and fat rendering, it is then cook with its own fat in low temperatures of 70 celcius for about 5 to 6 hours, cool down, remove the bones, pan fried to result on crispy skin, while the fat itself causes the juices from the meat to stay and trap within, resulting juicy and tender meat.

Creme Brulee (RM20.00)
Coming to dessert, first served is Creme Brulee, Summer’s all time favourite. Never fails to like the extra soft, creamy and melt in the mouth eggy custard with a thin layer of crispy and sweet caramalized layer.

Apple Tatte Tatin (RM20.00)
While Summer likes the Creme Brulee, Summergirl put Apple Tatte Tatin as her favourite. Soft baked apple beautifully layers on a crispy biscuit- A contrast of texture that goes better with the drizzle of sugary sweet caramel sauce.

Vanilla Malibu Parfait (RM22.00)
Call it a cake, ice cream or a mousse, as the Vanilla Malibu Parfait has the texture of all. The cross of texture brings in medium sponginess, creaminess plus with a tangy touch from fresh berries.

Photographer: Summer
Write up: YLing

61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7727 7277
Business Hours: 4pm – 12 midnight (Closed on Sundays)