Heritage Village @ Solaris Dutamas (Publika)

Fresh coconut milk, herbs and spices, different rice grains, good control of rice steaming- a family heritage secret cooking method of nasi lemak which has started since 1970.

The founder of this good nasi lemak, Madam Molly Khoo holds on a passion and vision to serve fine quality nasi lemak. She perfected her family’s nasi lemak recipe through countless time of trying, using different rice grains to mixed with different ingredients.

In 1998, with an entrepreneur mindset, she began to serve her nasi lemak in a food stall in a coffee shop, gradually gaining popularity. As time goes by, the business expanded into shop, continues to serve customers the best of their nasi lemak at a cozy cafe called-Heritage Village. Here, you will find not only nasi lemak, but also a trail of traditional Penang Nyonya food such as assam laksa, curry laksa, ice kacang, etc.

Nasi Lemak Beef Rendang (RM10.90)
Being The King of Nasi Lemak, Heritage Village takes their nasi lemak seriously, making sure that every element of the dish is prepared to quality. The soul of nasi lemak-coconut rice, is done using home grown recipe spanning three generations, having a blend of coconut milk, herbs and spices to be added into the rice grains at different intervals during the rice steaming process, resulting in rich and fragrant end product.

Heritage Nyonya Plate (RM19.90)
Then only they sided the rice with flavour packed side dishes such as chicken rendang, beef rendang, ayam berempah, assam prawns, pickled dish in tumeric vinegar sauce, just to name a few.

Heritage Nasi Lemak King Combo (RM18.90)
We like the Heritage Nasi Lemak King Combo, a hearty choice that combines sambal sotong, chicken rendang, acar awak, fried anchovies and coconut rice in one plate. The sambal sotong is noteworthy for its fiery hot gravy, thickly coated every squid to create a spicy sensation, wheting up the appetite.

Heritage Duck Egg Char Koay Teow (RM14.90)
Heritage Village char koay teow isn’t laden in wok hei, but still decent for its stir-fried-to-medium-wet, spicy and creamy flat rice noodles, generously loaded with cockles, prawns, fish cake, bean sprouts and salted duck egg.

Har Mee (RM11.90)
A bowl of soup noodles having yellow noodles and vermicelli boiled in prawn broth, served with prawns, boiled egg, bean sprouts and kangkong. Tummy warming aside, the soup is at a low spiciness, what they focus more is the medium thick broth gathering all the sweet essence of prawns. Not your choice if you like your har mee spicy, but yes if you want to enjoy prawny broth.

Heritage Asam Laksa (RM11.90)
The asam laksa comes in clear, non-cloudy type broth. Large pieces of fish are immersed within, topped over with shredded pineapple, cucumber, mint leaves, lemongrass, onion, lettuce and assam flower.

Assam Pedas Fish With Rice (RM13.90)
A classic Nyonya style stew fish served with rice. As its name implies, this dish is packed with sour and spicy concoction, a robust flavours that will wake up your appetite instantly but we found the gravy a tad too salty, just right to go with a bowl of rice to tone down the saltiness.

Heritage Jiu Hu Char (RM12.90)
The girl’s all time favourite, which is also a typical Nyonya dish made out of shredded sengkuang, carrots, dried squid and mushrooms stir fried together to sum up a juicy, flavourful munch. Heritage Village’s jiu hu char comes in drier version, but boasts a more significant flavours of dried squid comparing to many jiu hu char we had tried before, making it more remarkable.

Heritage Lor Bak Platter (RM12.90)
A platter recommended for sharing, having chicken lor bak, century egg, and fried tofu aligned in one plate. Like the century egg which is topped over with sliced ginger, reminding us the old-style of eating century egg when we were still children. Better if they were drizzled with sesame oil.

Heritage Durian Cendol (RM7.90)

ABC Ice Cream(RM9.90)
End the meal with ABC or Durian cendol, the local favourites to balance up the greasiness from the heavy meals. Based with icy cold shaved iced,  crowned with ice cream and lots of colourful condiments, laced with syrup, the bowlful of dessert will definitely bring you to a  sweet ending.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Heritage Village
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Heritage Village
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Business Hour: 10am-10pm
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