Paradise Inn 乐天客栈 @ Sunway Pyramid

Just a month back, we were still in the joy of New Year. But Time flies and in few more days , we will be drown in the jolly mood of celebrating another important festival, Chinese New Year. The year of Horse comes early, hence bringing a continuous celebration from Christmas, New Year to Chinese New Year. If you have been cooking and preparing festival meals since Christmas, perhaps it is the time to take a rest and pamper yourself and your love ones a luxurious CNY dinner at Paradise Inn, Sunway Pyramid.

Located next to Starbucks Coffee near to the side entrance from Sunway Lagoon, Paradise Inn is a cozy restaurant serving authentic homecook cuisine, making your families reunion and gathering feel right at home. The interior is spacious with Oriental furnishing, carpeted floor and hue soft lighting.

Paradise Prosperity Yu Sheng 乐天招财捞生
For Chinese New Year dinner, patrons can start off with Paradise Prosperity Yu Sheng, a traditional ceremony during CNY that symbolizes prosperity and good luck. One can choose between Yu Sheng with Jellyfish 海蜇七彩捞生 priced at RM48++ for regular and RM68++ for large, or Yu Sheng with Salmon 三文鱼捞生 priced at RM59++ for regular and RM88++ for large. Every add ons of salmon is RM16++; jellyfish for RM12++ and Pok Chui for RM3.90 per packet.

We tried out the regular portion Yu Sheng with Salmon, and it was pretty good. We like the fact that Paradise Inn takes the effort to present the colorful Yu Sheng using fresh ingredients such as raddish, pomelo, carrot, etc., instead of from the ready-made coloured crackers. The interesting part, carrot is shredded into very long, thin and fine strips, almost like noodle, taste so too.

Paradise Fortune Pot 乐天聚宝盆菜
Continue with the highlights of Paradise Inn CNY menu- Paradise Fortune Pot or more commonly known as ‘poon choy’. Priced at RM388++ for regular portion suitable for 4-6 persons and RM688++ for large portion that can cater 8-10pax, the poon choy is gracefully layered with 16 ingredients including abalone, goose feet, fish maw, sea cucumber, scallop, crystal prawn, chicken, cabbage, yam slices, braised pork, Chinese dried oyster, broccoli, mushroom, beat curd and more.

Can’t decide which one is better, as each item fares uniquely. Prawns, abalone and chicken turn more flavoursome with the rich, flavorful gravy thickly coated around; mushroom, beancurd, broccoli, yam slices, on the other hand, has fully absorb the great essence of sauce, making each bite a burst of flavours. Braised pork which is hidden beneath is not shadowed too, so moist and tender, a little more softer it will easily melt in mouth.

Paradise Inn brings an exclusive offer for Public Bank Credit/Debit cardholders. For every purchase of the poon choy in pre-booking dine in and pre-ordering take away, diners will be entitled to a free regular Salmon Yu Sheng and vouchers worth RM150 for free, based on first come first serve basis. The promotion runs from 15 Dec 2013 to 16 February 2014, so hurry up and order one!

Apart from ala carte order as below, Paradise Inn also launches a few Set Menu which is priced from RM398++ to RM1088++. Save the hassle of cooking and head over to Paradise Inn from now till 16th February for your Chinese New Year gathering.

Each set comes complete with Yu Sheng, main dishes, and dessert. Sliced Ginger Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage, one of the best seller in Paradise Inn, is included in their RM398++, RM598++, and RM898++ menu. The whole dish is rather simple, with waxed sausage as the main ingredient to render all flavours. The presentation may not be appealing, but it was ‘wok hei’ loaded, with bites of waxed sausage that develops a sweet sensation and emulsified texture. Simple yet delicious.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Paradise Inn 乐天客栈
OB3-LG.7 and LG.8,
Lower Ground Floor One,
Oasis Boulevard,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.