Charlie Chaplin Cafe Malaysia @ One City Mall, USJ [CLOSED DOWN]

Update: As of May 2017, Charlie Chaplin Cafe Malaysia is closed down now.

Charlie Chaplin Cafe Malaysia open its door to the public this year, and is the first international licensed Charlie Chaplin Cafe in Malaysia. This theme cafe is situated in the One City Mall, the newest shopping mall in USJ. It is a pleasure to have this café in memory of Charlie Chaplin, one of the most important figures in the filming history. He contributed for more than 75 years in the film industry and rose to fame through his screen persona ” The Tramp”, making himself a worldwide icon after then.

Hence, the cafe welcomes diners with a large poster of The Tramp, seeing that this was Charlie Chaplin’s most memorable on-screen character during the silent film era.

Stepping inside, we were impressed with the flamboyant interior that weaved in vintage and modern styles together- high ceiling, ceiling-to-floor built in shelves filled with books, wine bottles and dining wares, marble tables, wooden chairs, mosaic floorings, old fashion kerosene lamp, umbrella hanging from ceilings with hue lights, etc.

There are lots of detailed furnishing to be discovered, and one can choose to sit downstairs, or walk up the wooden staircase to the first floor which allows you to overlook the magnificent environment from upstairs. Definitely a great place for casual dining or celebration gathering.

Smoked Salmon Salad (RM20.00)

Fresh greens, tomatoes, feta cheese and smoked salmon lightly tossed with home-made raspberry chilli sauce that blends in a fruity and sweet note. Creative dressing, but can either results in thumbs up or no-no depends on personal taste bud.

Salmon Steak with Lemon Butter Sauce (RM32.00)

Salmon steak is fairly good, fresh and flaky; flavour liven up with a swirl of creamy lemon sour sauce which adds in a zesty flavour. Served along with season vegetables and mashed potato. Glad that the mashed potato doesn’t disappoint us, for it is soft, moist and buttery.

Pasta Fruit on The Sea (RM28.00)

A myriad of seafood including Tiger prawns, clams and calamari cook with spaghetti in tomato base sauce. Appealing but no surprise in taste.  We are expecting a richer, more flavour loaded pasta.

Tom Yam Soup Noodle (RM22.00)

Vermicelli immersed in a bowl of red hot traditional Thai Tom yum, brimming with seafood and mushrooms. We like the fact that the soup is fiery hot and sourish, opening up the appetite as the flavours develop in our palate, but just way too sourish to finish the entire bowl alone.

Charlie Chaplin Pizza (RM30.00)

Very thin and crispy charcoal pizza crust generously spread with secret minced beef gravy and topped over with mozzarella cheese. Extra points go to the home-made charcoal pizza base.

Royal chocolate (RM18.00)

While their main course is a hit and miss, desserts go the opposite way. At least for the two desserts we had, both were beautifully done. Take the Royal Chocolate as example, the chocolate sponge and mousse inter layer one another, bringing a balance between creaminess and airy sponginess. High in chocolate dose but not over cloying, just nice.

Chocolate Brownie with Chantilly Cream (RM15.00)

The second dessert is decent too. Thick and moist with nutty bites, better if a scoop of vanilla ice cream was served along.

Orange Kissed Mochaccino (RM22.00)

Charlie Chaplin Cafe Malaysia presents a series of alcohol infused coffee which is worth trying out, such as Irish Coffee, Almond Amaretto Coffee, Bailey’s Coffee, Monte Cristo Coffee and Orange Kissed Mochaccino.

Signature Coffee (RM13.00)

Don’t worry if you were not alcohol oriented, as you can always go for Chaplin’s Signature Blend Coffee or Single Origin Coffee. Premium coffee Luwak can be found here too!

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Charlie Chaplin Cafe Malaysia
One City, Jalan USJ 25/1,
47650 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact: 03 – 51150196