The Cupping Room by Winner of Hong Kong Barista Championship

After a trip to Hong Kong, we started to love Malaysian food more. Here, just for breakfast, we are spoilt with choices from nasi lemak to curry mee, prawn mee, putu mayam, western breakfast, etc. But in Hong Kong, macaroni soup, sandwiches, dim sum and milk tea seem to repeat from one char chan teng to another,so we plan to look for something different on the forth day morning.

We aligned at Sheung Wan MRT station, took about 10 minutes walk and finally reached The Cupping Room,a cafe opened by Derek Chiu, who is also the first runner-up winner of Hong Kong Barista Championship!

To be frank, the shop is difficult to reach without the help of Google Map. For easier direction, after you got down from the MRT at Sheung Wan, follow the sign that lead you to Queen’s Road Central (皇后大道中),walk straight on until you reach a staircases between Mcdonald’s and Kuan Kee Wantan Noodles (權記云吞面).

This quaint little shop is charming, having ceiling-to-floor French windows to welcome you. Pushing the door in, you be drown into a world which is totally different from outside. Wooden furnishing, hue yellow light creating a calm, tranquil atmosphere that made us wanted to stay longer. Service was good, with no hustle and bustle of char chan teng.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow HK40
Not sure why Summergirl chose to have Hot Chocolate instead of her all time favourite coffee. But she was like a happy kid sipping the chocolaty, rich and medium sweet hot chocolate. Loved the generous amount of marshmallows topping over the drink, took a light swirl to have them partially melted away with the hot chocolate, making it more squishy, lovely.

Cappucino HK38
Summerkid got himself a 5oz cappuccino which arrived with a nice heart shape latte art. Nicely frothed, the cappuccino was milky, carrying a faint hint of sweetness that reminds us of the cofee we had back in J&D Espresso (read HERE).

The Cupping Room took their coffee seriously, as they use only the best. Everything here is of top notch from seed to cup- they source speciality beans which are all roasted upon order; invested in Synesso coffee machine which is also the first of its kind in Hong Kong; and have professional barista to craft quality coffee for you.

Egg Any Style HK45
Their ‘Good Morning Melbourne’ all day brunch menu was rather pricey but since we were here, why not made the breakfast complete with our hot drinks? So the girl ordered a simple Overeasy egg on wholewheat sourdough. One can also choose to have sunny side up or scrambled egg.

Smoked Salmon Scramble Eggs Tartines HK68
Summerkid just couldn’t stop himself from ordering his favourite salmon whenever he saw one on the menu. For HK68, his choice of breakfast were beautifully presented with sourdough bread laid over with scrambled egg and smoked salmon, topped over with diced tomato. A combination of flufiness and chewiness, quite filling even though the portion was small.

The bill sum up to almost HK200, but we both feeling satisfied with no regrets. We wished to stay longer but we just need to catch up with our planned schedule. Perhaps the busyness of locals were the thing that we should adapt in our travelling, but we just dislike them. Thanks to The Cupping Room for the enjoyable morning, as this has given us a chance to experience Hong Kong from a different perspective.

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

The Cupping Room
287-299, Queen’s Road Central
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Contact: +852 2799 3398
Business Hours:
Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)
Saturday (8am-6pm)
Sunday (10am-6pm)