Bari Uma Ramen @ Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya

Apart from coffee, ramen chains can be said as another crowd favourite that widely blooms in KL and Klang Valley recently. Bari Uma Ramen has unveiled an outlet at the new Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, which also marks the beginning of this famous Japanese ramen chain in Malaysia. Established in the year of 1992, Bari Uma successfully beat through the competitive ramen business, opening more than 40 outlets across Japan, and expanded to Singapore last year, Malaysia this year.

Bari means Super, and Uma means tasty, and the word Bari Uma suffix with Ramen means Super Tasty Ramen. Bari Uma holds on the philosophy to serve one of the best ramen with “super rich” Tonkotsu broth, as highlighted in their tagline- the richest pork flavoured soup (強濃厚豚骨醬油). Ramen is handmade daily, fresh and loaded with springy chews.

The menu is kept simple, having ramen spans across two pages, followed by gyoza, hot stone rice, yakitori and a few ala carte dishes. It fact, if you observed in detail, the difference among these ramen choices are just additional of Ajitama( flavoured egg), dry seaweed and thick cut flamed chashu that bring to price variation. But all these doesn’t matter, and we are aiming on the ramen that load all this goodness into one bowl.

Noritama Uma RM29.00
We ordered Noritama Uma, having handmade noodle immersed in a bowl of cloudy white pork bone broth in shoyu flavour. Boiled for more than six hours, the soup is definitely intense with flavours, packed with collagen goodness. Nonetheless, the goodness is not overwhelmed. It comes with just the right level, rich and flavourful yet smooth and light to the palate.

Kara Uma RM26.00
Arrived in bright, red hot colour, the soup doesn’t fall short in spiciness, and the marriage of spicy sensation with sweetness draws from pork result in a curry like broth, but mild version, less creamy, minus the coconuty.

Aburi Chashu RM18.80
Aburi Chashu, or thick cut flamed chashu is worth mentioned, so alluring with a balanced amount of fat and lean meat. The fat melts along with the tenderly soft meat, so sinfully delicious. The moment we start munching on more meat, we gets stupid and asked: “Oh ya? Cholesterol? What is that? “=P

Original Gyoza RM11/5 pcs, RM20/pcs
Gyoza isn’t the main attention here, but tastes surprisingly good. We ordered 10 of pieces original gyoza, each of them was brimming with juicy filling, so good that we couldn’t help but to order another helpings.

Negi Mayo Gyoza RM12/5 pcs, RM22/pcs
We tried the spicy version. Another five dumplings beautifully lined up on the plate, laced with a trail of chilli powder sauce. Crispy edge, juicy fillings followed by an extra burst of spiciness.

Ishiyaki Chaofan RM15.90
Enjoy hot stone rice besides ramen. Served in a very hot stone bowl, we rest the rice a while before mixing all ingredients together to get more crusted burnt rice form at the bottom of the pot, which is also the best bits in this dish. It adds on crispy crunch within fluffy, smoky rice. Shrimp, shredded meat and egg make appearence in this chao fan.

Yakitori Combo RM13.90
Can’t decide which one to choose from the Yakitori section? Get the combo to taste everything in one go. Five types of Yakitori will be given, namely Chicken thigh and leeks, pork thigh and leeks, chicken thigh, chicken breast, and pork belly.

Kurogoma RM7.90
End the meal with the only dessert on the menu-ice cream. We went for the sesame flavour (another option will be green tea) , rich and creamy with bites of white sesame to lend more aroma and texture.

Photography: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Bari Uma Ramen
L3-11, Level 3,
Jaya Shopping Centre,
Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 14
46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Contact: 03-7932 2958