Cat In The Box @ The Centre for Asian Photographers, The School, Jaya One

Cat In The Box has been relocated to Empire Damansara, so check them out at Lot 111 Heritage Lane, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana,, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia for more good coffee!

Cat in The Box started off by providing mobile coffee service, coupled with organizations and makes appearance in events. The branding is built, and now, the “little cat” shifts from “mobile box” to cafe, continues to serve loyal patrons with good coffee.

The cafe is located inside The Centre for Asian Photographers, The School, Jaya One. Uhhh? Confuse?? Keep calm. The School is a brand new mall inside Jaya One, refurbished to bring a chic and fun environment for the family and kids. The Centre of Asian Photographer is at the first floor of The School, a place where photography lovers gather around to share their interest, with photography exhibitions carry out in the centre occasionally. And so where is Cat in The Box? It is right inside The Centre for Asian Photographer. Hehehehe…. Ask for Centre for Asian Photograhers’s location at the information kiosk in case you are not familiar with the place.

The centre greeted you with plain white walls, adorned with artistic pictures. Wooden floorings, wooden long tables with comfy tall chairs sum up a simple, a modern contemporary design, coupled with hue yellow lighting for a calm atmosphere. One can either lay back, slowly sip on a cuppa of coffee and enjoy the tranquility, or catch up with some activities. Just look around and you will find that lots of thing you can do here.

Reading. Shelves are arranged with books and magazine, full to the brim; Play board games. Scrabble, congkak, etc. are stacked up on the table, suitable for patrons from all age; Surf the internet. Plugs and extensions are available if you want to spend your whole afternoon here to do your work; Appreciate the handcrafted and exhibition items on sold. Adorable handcrafted decorative items will put your eyes running over them one by one, it takes some time, and eventually purchase home few pieces perhaps.

Whatever you want to do here, just remember to grab a cup of coffee from the Cat in The Box Cafe. The cafe serves East Timor coffee, a single origin coffee farmed using traditional organic method, roasted to medium dark locally and ground fresh before brew. The blend is rich, nutty, with bold chocolaty flavour.

Cold brew concentration is their highlights, having coffee beans to go through an extended steeping and brewing of 48 hours, reducing 48% of acidity and results a strong, smooth and rich coffee concentration. It is then bottled and ready to be diluted . Patrons can buy home at a standard size of 500ml if you would like to, with two weeks of shelves life but make sure your fridge is cold enough. How to pour? Generally a 1 part of concentration to 2 parts of water.

Signature Black Cat Cold Americano
Cold Americano diluted from the cold brew concentration. Not as strong as the one we tasted in Brewmen, but the light and clean flavour makes it really easy to drink.

Signature Black Cat Cold brew latte
Another creation source from the cold brew, with addition of milk to turn it into latte. Really smooth and soothing to the palate. Farm fresh milk is used, because it tastes more clean. Ask for brown sugar syrup to add a touch of sweetness, we found it better this way.

Food choices are limited but you can still get sandwich, scones, brownies, cream puffs here. For a more filling choice, go for the Smoked salmon with cream cheese, layered with sliced red onion, Japanese cucumber, broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts. A creamy combination overall, bonus for smoked salmon lover as Cat In The Box stuffs generous helping of smoked salmon in this sandwich. RM18 for ala carte, RM23 for set.

Mocha Fudge Brownie RM7.50
We were lucky enough to savor the freshly baked, just out from oven batch of homemade brownie made using Ballebaut chocolate. It was so moist, chocolate loaded with almond bites. Light hint of coffee here and there during the munch as they added a little coffee (2 shots maybe) into whole tray of brownie. Really Oh-so-delicious. Who says a small cafe doesn’t get to bake a good brownie? Add another RM7 to get Fatbaby Salted Caramel Ice Cream to pair with your brownie.

Scone with BlackberrWhy no clotted cream? Summergirl’s first question to the staff once the scone arrived. Haha she wasn’t the first one to ask so, according to the friendly staff. But it all doesn’t matter, as the scone itself already taste great without the clotted cream. Crumbly soft, buttery with fruity, moderate sweetness from jam.

By far one of the best places to spend a quiet afternoon. Summergirl loves this place so much, and stayed here for few hours!

Photography: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Cat in the Box Cafe @ The Centre for Asian Photographers
100-L1-019, First Floor,
The School, Jaya One,
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Business Hours: 10:00 – 18:00
Contact: Amber +60123345630 | Muzhir +60127237855