Mango Chili @ NEXUS Bangsar South City

Mango Chili, a franchise under the COCA group which also holds the famous Mango Tree Restaurant from Thailand has landed its first flagship store in the brand new NEXUS Bangsar South City mall. Backed by the well-known F&B group overseas more than 76 COCA and Mango Tree in 16 countries around the world, authenticity and food quality in Mango Chili is assured. But what’s more important for the born of Mango Chili, is to create shared value with underprivileged children by providing a hungry child one meal with every meal Mango Chili sold.

Instead of building a spacious, elegant Thai restaurant like Mango Tree, Mango Chili in NEXUS Bangsar South City goes on a more casual concept, highlighting the Thai street scene with a touch of modern contemporary. A summary of simplicity, yet funky and chic atmosphere for more lively dining.

Three rows of pink colour zink plates stretched over the ceilings, randomly divide the grey coloured walls painted on uneven texture for raw, rustic feel. Furnitures are designed in earthy tones, wooden; while partial of them take on modern contrast with more colourful seats.

Deep Fried Shrimp Cake RM13.90/4pieces
One of the best sellers appetizer in Mango Chili. Fresh shrimp paste shaped in round patty, battered, deep fried and served pipping hot. Summergirl like to it original, so she savours the sweet essence of shrimp, but Summerkid like dipping it with Thai sauce for a spicy kick.

Green Mango Salad RM9.90
“Ooh-so-sour” is our first expression on this Green Mango Salad. But as we tuck in more, the tangy flavour gradually adapts in the palate, with refreshing sensation replacing the sourness and we end up having more, because it opens up the appetite!

Tom Yum Wings RM9.90
Another favourite of ours. Though named Tom Yum Wings, the taste of Tom Yum is not distinct. What’s make the chicken great is the extra crunchy, flavour loaded outer layer, lending crispy crackling sound once biting in, followed by juicy, tender munch of meat. Highly recommended too.

Tom Yum Seafood RM17.90
Portion for Tom Yum Seafood here fits nicely for two persons, so we advise diners to order two helpings if you visit in a groups. Their Tom Yum sits on creamy version, less spicy, less sour to cater general taste-bud. So do not be afraid to try their Tom Yum even if you couldn’t take on spicy food.

Pad Thai Prawn RM19.90
Pad Thai, Summergirl’s all time favourite Thai noodles, the must order in Thai restaurant. Myriad of ingredients including prawns, chicken, egg, prawns, noodles stir fried in tamarind sweet sauce, then tossed with peanuts and bean sprout according to liking for extra texture.

Deep Fried Fish with Trio Sauce RM39.90
Deep Fried Fish isn’t the best item that night, but still passable. Skillfully deep fried to golden brown with no sign of greasiness, our fish lends a crispy exterior, fleshy soft interior, coupled well with the Trio Sauce served along, namely sweet sour chili, oyster sesame, and spicy seafood sauce. Sweet, sour, spicy or aromatic dipping? Mango Chili leaves the choice to you.

Stir Fried Kai Lan with Marinated Beef in Oyster Sauce RM15.90
Doesn’t put much attention on this Stir Fried Kai Lan initially, but it turns out good. Well stir fried to maintain leafy green and crunchy stalk, drawing umami flavours from oyster sauce, more chews from the tender, flavour pack beef slices.

Fried Rice with Chicen RM14.90
Vegetable fried rice with marinated chicken skewers and egg
A wholesome dish for individual portion, served along with chicken skewers and egg. Add another RM2 for choice of drinks, and another RM2.90 for two side dishes of mango/papaya salad and tom yum soup. Less than RM20 for a complete value meal!

Green Curry Fried Rice with Egg RM15.90
Make a skip on usual Tom Yum Fried Rice and switch to this Thai favourite, Green Curry Fried Rice. Soft, fluffy rice carrying intense flavours of green curry, creamier with mild spiciness. A good marriage in flavour, different from Tom Yum Fried Rice that goes more to fiery hot, bold flavour.

Mango Sticky Rice RM8.50
Presentation of Mango Sticky Rice in Mango Chili is not appealing, but the taste speaks for itself. Bring the finely cubed mangoes and glutinous rice into the mouth, and enjoy the wonderful sweetness of mango together with pleasant soft stickiness of glutinous rice soaked up with the fragrance of coconut milk.

Red Ruby Water Chestnut with Ice Cream RM6.50
We like this. More chilling version of Tam Tim Krob with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drenched in a bed of coconut milk, showered with red ruby and sliced nangka.

Food in Mango Chili may not be the best around the town, but their support to unfortunate children is noteworthy. Apart from enjoying a balance meal at here, you are actually going an extra mile with Mango Chili to share the gift of a balanced meal, and life, with another. So come for food, eat for good. Now you have more reasons to visit Mango Chili.

*The first community that are supporting by Mango Chili are the children from Dignity for Children Foundation ( The restaurant will continue to expand the communities as they expand their chain of restaurants.*

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Mango Chili
NEXUS Bangsar South City,
No. 7, Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Contact:03-2242 3737
Transportation:Take LRT to Universiti LRT Station and walk 10 minutes to reach NEXUS Bangsar South City. Mango Chili is facing the main room, located next to Starbucks coffee.