Samba Brazilian Steakhouse Churrascaria @ Avenue K

Samba Brazillian Steakhouse Churrascaria is called as one of the most noteworthy openings in Avenue K early this year, serving Brazilian Churrascaria style cooking and dining. Despite its location at third floor (Level 3) with less walking traffic, this doesn’t affect diners from discovering this place.

Two bull statues welcoming diners at the entrance, and further greeted with a glimpse of spacious, modern dining area with cutting edge design once stepping in.

Grey coloured flooring, putting a match to the wall which is also on the same colour, but in uneven tones to draw texture. Wooden furnishing with bright orange colour cushion seats, green pillows, creating a bold contrast to the overall design. Pendant lamp graciously hang from the ceiling, accentuating the elegant ambience.

Diners can also choose to sit at the al-fresco dining area, stretched out in wooden floorings with comfortable furnitures, as well as high tables and chairs. This area allows patrons to dine while overlooking the highest building in KL, KLCC. Just right in front of you, stunningly beautiful especially when night falls.

Samba serves buffet on lunch and dinner, which is priced at RM69++ and RM99++ respectively. Ala carte menu is available, in case you are the mood of having more personnal, complete plate of meal.

Grilled meat takes the limelight here, with more than 15 types of meat on skewers including rump steak, sirloin steak, beef cheese, chicken cha siew, lamb leg, pepper beef, prawn, smoked duck,dory fish, calamari, chicken drumstick, just to name a few.

Meats are imported from New Zealand and Australia, quality ensured. When buffet time arrives, large portion of meat will be grilled over charcoal and wood, then freshly served from table to table at an interval of 5 to 10 minutes.

So, just lay back and enjoy your meal while the staff goes arround, carrying bountiful roasted meats and sliced generously onto your plate. Save the hassle of walking, yet get to savour as much meat as you wish.

Succulent slice of  lamb, lightly flavoured up with herbs and perfectly roasted to result in crisp outer layer, juiciness locked within. Definitely the heaven for meat lovers.

Check out some of the bite size items, so delicious that you may want to few more helpings.

Chicken wrapped in beef bacon. Smoky, savoury sensation of the bacon contributes to the extra flavourful point.

More wraps for more flavours. This time beef pepperoni is enveloped around shrimp, rendering  bouncy juiciness with a touch of chewy, savoury taste.


and more meats…make sure you have enough room in your stomach to stuff all meats in different flavours.

Make ways for seafood! Calamari tastes so good here. Mouthful of chewiness surrounded by flavour packed sauce which is thinly smothered over.

Interesting item such as pineapple goes into the roasting list too. It tones down the greasiness of meat we indulge in in between the meal, delivering an unique tangy flavour coated with caramelized sweetness.

These two tags give a continue and stop signals. Turn your tag green side up, signalling that you are ready all time to have the staff serving meat to your table. When you are satisfied and do not want to have more meat on your plate, turn the tag to red side.

Apart from that, diners can also go around the self-service buffet line and get spoilt with more than 28 choices of salad, pizzas, spaghetti, Brazilian soup, sushi, deep fried items, fruits and desserts. RM99++ to get all-you-can-eat delicious roasted meat and other buffet items, worth every penny you pay huh?

Photographer: Summer
Write Up: YLing

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse
Level 3, Avenue K,
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-2181-8601