Feeka Coffee Roasters @ Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur

As the number of coffee places in KL and Klang Valley continues to bloom, we fall in tough decision on which one to go first during our weekend coffee hunting. Feeka Coffee Roasters KL located at Jalan Mesui turned to be our last week choice, seeing that it is one of the most  raved about coffee place recently, near to our staying place and quality assured with the enthusiastic team from Butter+Beans at Seventeen, Happy Mansion, PJ.

Located in between Palate Palette and No Black Tie along Jalan Mesui, Feeka Coffee Roasters shares a different concept compared to the two restaurants, roaring the morning of the quiet street with visits from coffee lovers, busy churning out one after another cup of good coffee and hearty breakfast.

Ample of seats for both indoor and outdoor, but mostly small tables to cater for two persons. But no worries as you can always join them together in case you came in larger group. The whole cafe unwinds a relax, no frills environment, with a touch of unique style that combines nature and modernity.

Cable spool table with yellow colour lazy chairs; white chairs with black table and wooden bench;  exaggerate cushioned chairs in leaves’ pattern with dark oak, oval shape colour coffee table; fresh plants in bottle; a stretch of wall painted to have brittle finishes, etc…

…bits and everything here strives to be bold, putting unmatched combinations into  incredible matching when seen in the whole. A little different from many other coffee places which highlights on wooden elements, even though the you-have-seen-many-times-before pendant light bulbs still appear.  But Feeka Coffee Roasters have gone a step further in creating their own personality.

The operation counter in Feeka Coffee Roasters places a contrast to the indoor dining area which light up in hue yellowish. The section draws ample of natural lights during daytime, with white colour walls, white square tiles to promote a clean, simple touch. Barista is seen pouring one after another cup of coffee with beautiful latte art, in full attention with impeccable skills.

We hope for a buttery croissant, but too bad it wasn’t in sight during our visits. But trays of cakes in playful and basic flavours such as Olive Oil Carrot Cake, Chooclate Coffee Tart, Lavender Cherry Pound Cake, Coconut Cheese Cake make a good choice with coffee.

Business at Feeka Coffee Roasters was at brisk during our visit, but there were still few vacant tables. So we suggested to arrive before noon, as the place started to get full house by the time we left. Order is on self-service base, so just grab a menu from the counter and choose your favourite. A number written on wooden block will be given to you after paying.

Orders arrived in a jiffy- our cuppa of hot cuppuccino (RM10.00) and hot chocolate (RM10.00). Coffee is good, but Summergirl loves the hot chocolate more. We experienced quite a few over-sweetened hot chocolate, but this one is just nice, richly laid with chocolaty, milky yet not too sweet. Speciality brew is available too, so do ask for your aeropress, cold brew, and more.

Food choices for breakfast here doesn’t go far from the footmarks of big breakfast, putting together sunny side up or scrambled egg together with toasted bread, sausages, saute mushrooms and more. However, creation such as Brioche French Toast with Spiced Pineapple and Orange Sauce brings interesting option to the menu.

Our Scramble Platter(RM16.00) appears to be normal, having crispy toast sided with creamy scrambled egg. But replacing usual chicken sausage with lamb sausage makes the platter turns worthwhile. Summerkid enjoyed the meaty, juicy munch of sausage that carries a hint of gaminess.

After 11:30AM, more extensive choices such as Beetroot Salad, Duck Sandwich, Feeka Beef Burger, Meatball Pasta, Steak & Fries, and Salsa Seabass are ready to be ordered at reasonable price; while all-day-breakfast continues. In short, Feeka Coffee Roasters KL proves to be another cafe in town that is doing good. Not too bad overall, and ambience is great.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Feeka Coffee Roasters
19, Jalan Mesui,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 8am-12am daily
Contact: 03-2110 4599
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/feeka.coffeeroasters