One Pot Hot 壹鍋熟 @ Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya

One Pot Hot has moved from their previous location in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong to Kota Damansara, directly opposite to Snowflake. The term One Pot Hot or 一锅熟 in Chinese, means cooking everything in one go in a pot. What you get will be a wholesome meal completes with nutrients, or almost. For example, fish head noodle. And that is what One Pot Hot restaurant specialises in, as its name implies.

Apart from that, their “pot” is also ready to be filled with milky broth from Fish Head Noodle, or spicy soup from Hot & Sour Fish Head Noodle that serve as the soup base for steamboat. Lots of steamboat ingredients to choose from, where part of them are freshly home-made by the restaurant.

Char Siew 叉烧 RM15.90

We were told by our friends that One Pot Hot serves decent char siew, which we then agreed after trying out. A larger portion of fatty meat brings more moisture to the lean counterparts, beautifully adorned with a smoky, little burnt outer edge glazed with sweet sticky sauce for a glossy, alluring finish.

A bed of Lou Shu Fan served over with minced meat, dried shrimp and generously showered with a handful of deep fried pork lard, the perfect match to most Chinese cuisines. Turn on the heat, and staff will toss all ingredients together, coating dark soy sauce onto the noodle to create smooth, aromatic slurps.

Vermicelli drenched in a bed of white, cloudy broth along with big chunks of fish, soft tofu, ginger, tapioca salted vegetable, tomato. Deep fried garlic and pork lard serves as the highlights of the entire dish. Yeap, it brings undescribable You don’t get this in all places.

Looking at the amount of shredded chilli generously garnishing over the hot & sour soup, we knew that the soup would be taste bud tickling, throat firing. It does fare a distinct sourness and spiciness, but don’t judge it as tom yam.Not so, at least. Soup is boiled from scratch using lots of ingredients- ginger, tomato, chilli, lemongrass, laksa flower, etc., resulting in flavour pack broth gathering the beauty essence of herbs & spices.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken 金沙咸蛋黄鸡蛋 RM12.90
While the menu covers mostly steamboat items and hot pot noodles, we were glad that the only few choices from the Snacks section are carefully prepared, taste unexpectedly good. We skipped the deep fried snacks like Crispy Pork Belly, Fried Wantan, Fried Pork Dumpling, Fried Pork Intestine, went straight to Char Siew and Salted Egg Yolk Chicken which seemed to be more than just Snack. Chunks of chicken are flash fried to golden brown, dressed with salted egg yolk for a sandy coating, worthwhile fragrance.

Photography: Summerkid
Write up: Summergirl

One Pot Hot
No. 25-1,
Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway,
47810 Kota Damansara.