Dancing Grill @ NEXUS Bangsar South

Couple of months ago, the man behind Dancing Fish takes a step further by opening Dancing Grill at NEXUS Bangsar South, one of the latest mall in KL. This restaurant holds a different concept from Dancing Fish, bringing a whole new range of delicious grilled delicacies to satisfy your palate either for lunch, or dinner.

There is no surprise in decoration, just basic but comfortable to allow you to lay back and enjoy homemade, grilled dishes that are carefully prepared using quality ingredients alongside with secret techniques. Grilled Chicken Chop Burger with Fluffy Omelette, Chicken Soup with Macaroni, Tasty Pandan Yellow Rice, etc. -choices aren’t extensive but the creativity that surfaces here and there earns marks.

1/4 BBQ Chicken with Grilled Rice and Mushroom Soup

The must have in Dancing Grill. Whole quater chicken basting with marination sauce and grilled to golden brown; flavourful coating with tenderly soft meat. Serves along with triangular shape grilled rice that looks like onigiri but tastes like lemang. Mushroom soup hits the creaminess, but more efforts are needed to churn out an outstanding bowl.

DG Spice Fried Chicken with White Rice and Chicken Soup with Macaroni
In case you preferred chicken in crispy outer layer, we suggest you to go for DG Spiced Fried Chicken. Deep fried to golden brown and garnished with lots of crispy bits, this delicious fare bring a cross between mamak nasi kandar deep fried chicken and Indo ayam penyet.

Beef Burger with Original Sauce with Spiced Fries and DG Salad
Beef Burger reminds us late night Ramly burger by the road side. Handmade from 100% of minced meat, the patty is packed with meatiness, yet no lack of juicy touch; beautifully sandwiched within two fluffy buns.

Grilled Chicken Chop Burger with French Fries and Fluffy Omelette
Huge slab of chicken chop slathered with smoky, flavour laden sauce and grilled, locking the juiciness. Apart from the usual fries, this dish strives to be different with a side of fluffy omelette. As it name calls, the omelette is fluffy, encased with juiciness and sweetness from onion, so delicious that it can definitely works more than just a side dish.

Chicken Kebab with Spicy Honey BBQ Sauce, Tasty Yellow Pandan Rice, Crispy Mushroom
Chicken Kebab is brushed with Spicy Honey BBQ Sauce specially crafted by the Dancing Grill, but like it or not, it is very subjective. Summergirl felt the chicken skewers are alright, blending a bitter, smoky and sweet concoction in the palate. However, Summerkid found the sauce not so pleasing, and he prefers the BBQ Chicken more.

Pan Fried Fish with DG Spices with Asian Twist Macaroni and Fruity Salad
The Pan Fried Fish was a tad over-marinated during our visit, hence resulting in heavier flavour for this dish. Else, it will serve just nice. We believe the kitchen has taken immediate improvement action to fix the let down.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Dancing Grill
Lot 1-8, First Floor,
NEXUS Bangsar South,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-2242 3223
Business Hours: 10am-10pm daily
Email: dancinggrillnexus@gmail.com
Website: http://www.dancinggrill.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dgglobal