Betjeman & Barton @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya

Betjeman & Barton, the more than a century-old renowned French tea has finally landed in Malaysia! Begin in the year of 1919, Betjeman & Barton is founded by Arthur Betjeman and Percy Barton, two tea experts with a vision to introduce English art of tea to the Parisians.

They embarked on the adventure by opening the first Betjeman & Barton in the French captical, entirely dedicated to the tea, and never look back since then. Their perfectly blend of culture proposed, and unique universe created- meeting place of Parisian chic and British fantasy, had brought them immediate and inevitable sucess.

Entrepreneurial spirit of Arthur Betjeman and Percy Barton has established company’s reputation, bring together best teas from the world’s greatest tea gardens and plantations. The company is then continued to bloom by three ladies-Agnes Defontaine, Myriam Kienzler and Katherine Gregory, who enhanced the excellence of this tea business with a new lease of life, infusing creativity and modernity into Betjeman & Barton while maintaining the originality.

Today, Betjeman & Barton, with its strong idendity, has left footsteps around the world- Belgium, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Japan; venturing into South-East Asia in the year of 2013, first at Raffles City, Singapore and now, brewing at One Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in the mid of 2014.

The store is located at Ground Floor, Old Wing, at the corner near to Johnny’s steamboat, Putien and the direction to One World Hotel. It can be easily spotted, thanks to the storefront that appears in bright red colour, stands out boldly from other shops.

The interior is welcoming, featuring wooden floorings, oak colour cabinets brimming with tea caddies; wooden tables coupled with vibrant red sofas.

There are three types of tea in Betjeman & Barton, namely Classic Tea, Perfumed Tea and Herbal Tea, derived from the red, black, green and white tea. More than 50 varieties available in the One Utama store currently, more to come in the future perhaps. But the choices are sufficient enough to satisfy your palate depending to your mood, time and preference.

Classic Tea covers Assam- a black tea named after the region of its production, Assam in India; Ceylon- a black tea from Sri Lanka, golden in colour, rich and intense with flavours; Darjeeling- Tea from Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India; Japan Green Tea- tea in Japan undoubtly; China Green Tea- Chinese tea can be consumed throughout the day, including during meals, as a substitute for plain water, for health or for simple pleasure; Blends- blending of different teas together to create well balanced flavours using teas with different characters.

Go for the Perfumed Tea, if classic tea is too subtle for your liking. These “scent processed tea” add a touch of fragrant element to your tea, as they are scented with flower petals like Jasmine, allowing tea leaves to absorb the aroma of flowers, making your drink more appealing.

The Les Invites (RM24 per pot)
We tried out The Les Invites from Green Flavoured Tea section, highlighting unique nature blend tea and green jasmine tea with notes of rose and lychee. Best enjoyed without milk.

In Betjeman & Barton, each pot of tea can serve up to four cups and it is non-refillable. The reason is to ensure that each cup of tea is maintained with the same quality throughout, not dilluted by the refilling. We like how the teapot is designed, cushioned at the inner part to keep your tea warm.

Herbal Tea, the third range of tea in Betjeman & Barton, can be served hot or cold. This beverage is made from the infusion or decoration of herbs, spices, or other plant material in hot water, and usually does not contain caffeine.

Check out also Pouchkine from their Signature Iced Tea’s Selection. We have ours served hot. This 40 year-old, based on a China and Ceylon tea is the oldest and most enjoyed Betjeman & Barton tea, loved by both the company and customers throughout the world.

French Style Ice cream (RM15 per serving)
Enjoy your tea with a wide range of sweet treat from B&B- French Style Ice Cream, Macarons, Chocolate, and cakes. Each order of French Sytle Ice Cream serves three, combining interesting flavour such as orange flavour cone with vanilla ice cream; sesame flavour cone with chocolate ice cream and Strawberry flavour cone with pistachio ice cream.


Or, balance the sweet sensation of vanilla, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, Raspberry, Black Sesame flavour macarons with a sip of tea. RM4 per piece, RM24 for half dozen.

Chocolate (RM3.50/pc)

Finely made from Belgium chocolate powder, premium chocolate in B&B is also not to be missed. RM3.50 per piece, RM 21.00 per six pieces, RM42.00 per 12 pieces and RM84.00 per 24 pieces. All flavours are alluring, ranges from Mascarpone Sombre, Lait de Melon (Melon Milk), Lait de Bleut (Blueberry Milk), Lait Pur(Pure milk), Noir Pur (Pure dark), Blanc Pur (Pure White), Noisttes Gianduja (Hazelnut Chocolate), Pralinosa Sombre (Dark Pralinosa), Praline Feuilletine (Crispy Nut), Truffle Noire Moka (Dark Mocha Truffle), Coco Sombre (Dark Coconut), Lait de Framboise (Raspberry Milk), Cappucino Fonce (Dark Cappucino), Lait Oren (Orange Milk), Nougat Blanc Nosa (White Nougat Nosa), and more.

Madori/ Green Tea (RM12.90)
All cakes in B&D are delicately presented to pair with your tea. Green Tea Cake shocases layers of bitterness with distinct flavour of green tea, not the sweet nor milky type. We call it “very adult flavour”.

Le Gateau Gris Anglais Comte / The English Earl Grey (RM14.90)
While Earl Grey is a commonly drink black tea, it is also widely used as flavouring in cakes and pastries. The English Earl Grey cake by B&B calls for a sharp citrusy sensation, good but not for everyone. While Summergirl finds the infusion of Earl Grey is too strong in this cake, our friend picks this as her favourite.

Citron Gateau Au Fromage/Lemon Cheese (RM12.90)
Citron Gateau Au Fromage or Lemon Cheese Cake goes to our top list. Just right in smoothness, richness and creaminess with a tangy lemony touch. The most basic among all, and yet the best.

Mousse Au Chocolat/Chocolate Mousse (RM14.90)
Mousse Au Chocolat looks and tastes no different from any other chocolate cake but as we dig in further, we were surprised with texture contrast from the center- crispy munch, like Fererro Focher.

Gateau Tiramisu/ Tiramisu (RM12.90)
Goodness of ladyfingers, coffee liquid and mascarpone cheese all stacked up in this soft, spongy and creamy Italian dessert. Take a sip of tea and a toothful of cake, the marriage of tea and cake are always perfect.

The town is overwhelmed with coffee, why not take a switch and spend your weekend afternoon at Betjeman & Barton, One Utama Shopping Centre for a cuppa of aromatic, mind soothing tea?

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Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Betjeman & Barton (B&B)
Lot G220, Ground Floor, 1,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama City Centre Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
(Located near to Putien, Johnny’s Steamboat and route to One World Hotel)
Business Hours: (Sun-Thur) 10am-10pm; (Fri-Sat) 10am-10.30pm