Casahana Mooncake 2014 喜月堂月餅

Few more days to Mid-Autumn Festival 2014, and it is still not too late to purchase and indulge in mooncake which are now wildly sold in major supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. We got ourselves a box of Casahana Mooncake  喜月堂月餅, one of the brand that surprises customers with unexpected, innovative flavours.

Apart from the traditional mooncake Pure Lotus (RM15.90), Pure Lotus with Yolk (RM16.90), Low Sugar White Lotus with Egg Yolk (RM17.90) ,Citrus Red Bean (RM12.90), Golden Mixed Nut(RM18.90), Casahana mooncake celebrates Mid-Autumn with modern flavours such as Green Tea Apricot(RM17.90), Chocolate German Black Forest(RM17.90), Chocolate Peppermint (RM17.90) and more.

Good news is, the brand adds in two new flavours for this year, which is also the highlights- Crimson Opera Mooncake (綴紅) and Dark Knight Mooncake(薰夜), where the former delivers a burst of beetroot at the outer layer, couples with cheesy Parmesan and creamy white chocolate filling; the later showcases chewy soft brown sugar encased within delicately dense, fragrance black sesame and black bean paste, all wrapped in a thin, black charcoal skin.

Get yourself and your loved ones a box of Casahana Mooncake to celebrate this special festival!