Trumpet Bangkok Street Eats @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara [CLOSED DOWN]

Bangkok. Trumpet. Elephant.
All these remind us of Thailand. Hence Trumpet-Bangkok Street Eats is not getting far from this, churning out delicious street treats that are all pork-free (HALAL soon-to-be) while retaining the core essence and authenticity of Thai food.

Located at Oasis Square (or better known as Oasis Ara Damansara), Trumpet Bangkok Street Eats is a four-month-old restaurant backed with two Thai veterans having more than 20 years of cooking experience in Bangkok well-established restaurants,and another young chef who is equally skillful in Thai cuisine. All the three chefs hold on the principle to incorporate the real taste of Bangkok food in Trumpet as much as possible, using local quality raw ingredients together with stuffs like herbs & spices sourced from Thailand.

Yam Woon Sen RM15.00
Glass Noodle Salad, mouthful of chewiness with explosive Thai flavours- spicy and sourish zing to open up the appetite.

The Crib Combo RM35.00
Fish Cakes, jacket prawns, vegetables spring rolls and chicken lollipop pleasingly served up in a platter, great to order for sharing with friends while waiting for your mains.

Pla Rad Salad Mamuan RM45.00
Deep fried fish served over a bed of green mango salad, along with roughly chopped chillies and squeeze of lime juice, so expect an extra sourness that will whet up your appetize, calling for a bowl of rice to continue with.

Pad Thai RM14.00

Pad Thai, the locals’ favourite that stir-fried Thai noodles together with cubed beancurd, egg and fresh shrimp, garnished with crispy dried shrimp. Mix in bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and chilli flakes according to your liking as you tuck in the noodles. Pad Thai in Trumpet showcases a sweeter profile compared to certain Thai restaurants in Klang Valley, yet close to the one we had back in Bangkok.

Kuay-Tiaw Tom Yam RM14.00
Tom Yam Noodles is one of the best-sellers in Trumpet, especially during their lunch menu. Smooth, slippery flat rice noodles immersed in a bowl of red hot soup that defines this signature Thai flavour- spicy and sour. Classic, soothing, potent with the goodness of herbs and spices.

Kaw Pad Sa-pa-rod RM16.00

Kaw Pad Sa-pa-rod, or Pineapple Fried Rice arrives in hearty portion, secured with large, bouncy shrimps. Aromatic in every mouthful with a touch of spiciness delivered from spices, and subtle sweetness folds in occasionally as you bite into raisins .

Mango Sticky Rice RM12.00

Tab Tim Krob RM10
End the meal with Mango Sticky Rice, the popular, classic Thai dessert potent with sweetness of mango, alongside with savouriness from coconut milk and sticky rice; as well as Tab Tim Krob, the gorgeous Thai sweet treat with red rubbies and jackfruit in coconut milk.

Photography: Summergirl
Write Up: Summerkid

Trumpet- Bangkok Street Eats
A-G-08, Oasis Square,
Jalan 1A/7A, Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 11:45am – 10:30pm
Contact:03-7859 0773