Makishima Japanese Restaurant @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Makishima Japanese Restaurant, definitely the hidden gem within the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. Quietly located at the 2nd Level of Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Makishima churns out delicate, fine Japanese cuisines which rotates according to seasons in Japan.

The whole restaurant is spacious, with teppanyaki and sushi bar for guests who wish to witness experienced chef at work. Opened dining area for casual gathering, and for more intimidate dining, private rooms are available upon request.

Ample of wooden elements, plants, natural stone floorings, and decorations leads the restaurant into a garden-like atmosphere. Calm and cozy, undoubtedly ideal for diners who want to stay away from commercial, always-full-house Japanese cafes or restaurants.

Traditional Japanese dish which is served during the Summer time. Mellow soft chilled tofu flavoured up with bonito flakes, scallions, shredded dried seaweed, gingers and condiments served along with the appetizer. A drizzle of soy sauce is quintessential too.

Shishamo RM18.00
We enjoy munching on these slim, perfectly grilled shishamo, brimming with tiny roe. Goes well with sake or beer.

Chawanmushi RM11.00

We are surprised to have a pleasant coldness running down the throat as we indulge in this small cup of chawanmushi present in charm. Chilling, melt in the mouth, coupled well with saltiness of soy sauce layers on top. This is so good! Must try!

Looks physically the same, taste differently. Makashima takes on the concept of Caprese salad, but replacing sliced fresh mozzarella cheese with soft tofu to deliver a lighter munch that goes in harmony with juiciness of tomato.

Avocado sashimi RM20.00
Wakes up the tastebud with Avocada Sashimi, an appetizer that scores for its simplicity. It is guilt-free, complex in flavours, creamy and buttery.

Sashimi Sugata Tsukari

Makishima’s way of presenting their skillfully sliced sashimi, dotted with minced ginger, scallions, flower petals.

Assorted Tempura RM50.00

To fill the dining table with something pipping hot and ideal for sharing, assorted tempura will always be our pick. Makashima’s tempura morawaise is decent, taking eggplant, prawns, mushroom, etc. thickly coated with tempura batter, deep fried to golden brown to showcase mouthful of crispiness.

Sirloin Steak RM70.00

Our favourite choice after Chawanmushi, nicely seared with juiciness locked within, tender with contrast texture delivered from deep fried garlic.

Vegetable Sushi RM35.00

A platter of colourful, healthy, vegetarian friendly sushi, having cucumber, tomato, raddish, avocado, capsicum as topping to sum up unique, refreshing flavours.

Nigiri Sushi (RM 80 (7 pcs) / RM 120 ( 9 pcs)/ RM 150 (11pcs)

If you can’t go meatless, pick on Nigiri Sushi that comes in 7 pieces(RM80), 9 pieces(RM120) or 11 pieces(RM150). Salmon roll, California roll, tobiko Roll, Salmon Aburi Roll and Inarizushi are available too.

Goma Dango

Dessert ends simple and warm, with chewiness of made from glutinous rice flour and creaminess of red bean paste wrapped within deep fried crunchiness, generously covered with aroma of sesame.

Photograhy: Summerkid

Makishima Japanese Restaurant
Level 2, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.