Big Breakfast Brunch @ Signature By The Hill, 1st Avenue, Bandar Utama

Congratulations to Signature by The Hill at Rooftop, 1st Avenue for being selected as Best Restaurant in TimeOut KL Award 2014, not to forget numerous winning awards they obtained in MIGF 2014 October. This restaurant has been one of the most sought after restaurants once opened, thanks to their hip and stylish design that is much favoured by modern city people. Signature by the Hill adds new breathe to nightlife in Bandar Utama area, keeping you awake all night long with lively music, signature cocktails and lovely dishes. Definitely one of the best location for parties, gathering and celebration.

We visited Signature by the Hill last Sunday morning, and glad to find out the entire atmosphere is whole lot different comparing to the night. It is bright and welcoming, ample of natural light, laced with a touch of romantic red within a scene of white. Their menu covers from common big breakfast to healthy salad, muesli, few main courses such as buttermilk deep fried chicken, grilled salmon, fish & chips, etc.. We stick to the brunch selections, all pretty decent but we look forward to more surprise combinations in our future visit.

Big Breakfast RM26.00
A hearty platter of sliced turkey ham, beef bacon, sautéed mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans, breakfast sausages, eggs and sun dried tomatoes. Enough to serve two if you are small eater. Opt for your choice of eggs: poached, scrambled or sunny side up.

English Breakfast RM16.00
For diners who seek for light, simple breakfast, English Breakfast is on the list, having fluffy soft round buns with a side of butter, apricot and strawberry jam with scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage and sun-dried tomatoes.

Omelette Au Romance RM18.00
Signature by the Hill whips up good Omelette Au Romance, juicy in whole with no trace of rubbery texture, cheesy at the center. Served with a side of smoked salmon salad. Better if it comes with a slice of toast.

Open Faced Club Sandwich RM17.00
Thick toast layered with chicken ham, cheddar cheese and sunny side up, plenty of flavours and texture. Served with fried and salad on the side

Bircher Muesli RM13.00
Perhaps the healthiest choices on the menu, putting together muesli, yogurt, raisin, banana, strawberries, assortment of nuts in a martini glass.

Coffee here isn’t memorable, but the fruit juice from Lifejuice is notably interesting. Lifejuice, which joins the fresh juice fever that sweeps across the town recently, uses cold-press technology, unpasteurized to maintain all essential vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants in fruits. Priced at RM15 per bottle, order Lifejuice’s fresh juices to keep your brunch more healthy, less guilt.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Signature by The Hill
The Roof (Sky Level)
1st Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact Number: 016 – 229 1505
Email: /