Tai Thong 大同集團 Chinese New Year 2015 Promotions

This 2015 Chinese New Year, Tai Thong Group 大同集團 invites you and your loved one to usher in the year of Goat with an array of auspicious Cantonese cuisine at any Tai Thong Restaurant. With the theme of “Spring Reunion”, it symbolizes the fresh beginnings, the previous time to celebrate reunion with family.

Golden Treasure Poon Choy 盆菜皇(RM298++/ 5 pax; RM498++/10pax)

Tai Thong Chinese New Year Poon Choy, or more known as Golden Treasure Poon Choy this year, brings in brand new flavours to excite your tastebud. Infused with Szechuan-style sauce, the Poon Choy turns more appetizing, highlighting mild spiciness and sourness with sweetness from wonderful ingredients in the pot such as prawns, fish maw, sea cucumber, squid, dried scallop, dried oyster, mushroom, chicken, etc..

Tai Thong Golden Treasure Poon Choy is priced at RM298++ per pot for 5 pax, RM498++ for a pot of 10 pax. Pre-order is advisable and for takeaways, you get to take home the claypot decorated with 羊 (Goat) wording. They are limited edition so be hurry and fast!

Double Happiness Yee Sang 年年有餘撈生(RM68++ half portion, RM98++ full portion)

There are two types of Yee Sang to choose from Tai Thong Chinese New Year Menu 2015, namely Double Happiness Yee Sang and Golden Fortune Yee Sang. Double Hapiness Yee Sang is Chinese-Japanese inspired, double up fusion flavours with added golden chicken floss and crispy Enoki mushroom. Let’s “lou sang” (toss high) for a more prosper year.

Golden Fortune Yee Sang 大同鮮果撈生 (RM68++ half portion, RM98++ full portion)

Golden Fortune Yee Sang is a fruit-base Yee Sang, back by popular demand and is bigger, better this year. Brimming with star fruits, pomegranate, mandarin orange, jackfruits, grapes, green apple, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and black sesame, the Yee Sang is definitely splendid in colours and texture! More importantly, it is fresh and healthy!

Mini Eight Treasure Rice 迷你八寶飯(RM9.80++ per serving)

For sweet treat, celebrate with Tai Thong Mini Eight Treasure Rice, or more commonly known as “ba bao fan” (八寶飯). Carrying long cultural history of over 2000 years, Eight Treasure Rice is sometimes forgotten by the younger generations. Hence Tai Thong decided to feature this sticky sweet dessert made using glutinous rice and eight types of modern-style dried fruit- dried apricots, raisins, lotus seeds, pumpkin, green cherries this coming Goat Year.

Sesame Ball with “Nian Gao” and Red Bean Paste 芝麻棗紅豆沙年糕(RM13.80++)

Last but not least, savour Sesame Ball with Nian Gao and Red Bean Paste, one of the highly recommended, the must-try dessert from Tai Thong this Chinese New Year.  Appear in small, round shape, the sesame ball is extra crispy at the exterior, fully coated with white sesame for more bites. For the filling, chef puts together red bean paste and Nian Gao (年糕) for chewy sensation. Creative yet still maintaining the traditional essence for Chinese New Year.

Apart from above highlight dishes, Tai Thong Chinese New Year Set Menus are available too, priced from RM498++ to RM1488++ for 6 pax, RM798++ to RM2398++ for 10 pax. For any 10 pax menu chosen, Tai Thong will give out complimentary bottles of 640ml Asahi beer. All Tai Thong Chinese New Year Promotions begins from 1st January 2015 till 5th March 2015.

The bell of Chinese New Year is ringing!

Tai Thong Outles:

Non halal outlets
Royal China Restaurant (Jln. Bukit Bintang)
Tai Thong Odeon Restaurant (Kepong Baru)
Imperial City Restaurant (Cheras)
Imperial China Restaurant (Subang Jaya)
Imperial Palace Restaurant (Bandar Puchong Jaya)
Imperial Garden Restaurant (Petaling Jaya)
Royal China Restaurant (Ipoh)
Royal China Restaurant (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)

Pork-free outlets
Oriental Pearl Restaurant (Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort)
Oriental Pearl Restaurant (Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort)
Spring Garden Restaurant (KLCC)
Spring Garden Restaurant (Tropicana Golf & Country Resort)
Spring Garden Restaurant (Putrajaya)
Spring Garden Restaurant (Kota Permai Golf & Country Club)

Grand Ballroom & Banquet
Tropicana Grand Ballroom (Tropicana, PJ)
Royal China Grand Ballroom and Banquet (Ipoh)