[Hua Hin 3D2N] Chatsila & Chatchai Hua Hin Night Market, Thailand

Hua Hin Itinerary Day 1 : Bangkok to Hua Hin by Van from BTS Victoria Monument -> Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel -> Hua Hin Hills Vineyard -> Chatsila & Chatchai Night Market, OK Seafood Restaurant

Hua Hin Itinerary Day 2 : Royal Pavilion Hua Hin Hotel -> Santorini Park -> Swiss Sheep Farm -> Palace of Love & Hope -> Plearn Wan Eco Village -> Sam Phan Nam Floating Market -> Cicada Night Market -> Wilawan Hua Hin Restaurant

Hua Hin Itinerary Day 3 : Hua Hin Railway Station -> Hua Hin Beach -> Back to Bangkok

Visiting Hua Hin Night Market is a must do during your stay in this charming town. In fact, when travelling to each country, walking through day market, or night market should be part of the essential activities to understand more about the culture and daily movements of the town.

There are quite a number of night market in Hua Hin, and the most happening night market goes to Chatchai Night Market located in the center of Hua Hin town, as well as Chatsila Night Market which is directly connected to Chatchai. Both night markets stretched from Petchkasem Road to the railway line, start getting busy from as early as 5.30PM till late night daily.

Glad that Hua Hin Night Market is just about 3 minutes walk from Royal Pavillion Hotel Hua Hin we stayed at, hence our night at Hua Hin was never too boring! Dinner settled, and there were lots of things to buy and see in the night market!

Chatchai Night Market was already packed with both locals and tourists when we reached at about 8PM. The first impression was: Hua Hin Night Market was rather tourists-oriented, as it welcomed us with ample of “I Love Hua Hin” T-shirts, key chains, fridge magnet, postcards, etc. right just at the entrance. Despite so, we tried to enjoy as much as we could, especially from the street food.

We stopped at a stall selling square pancake which was similar to our Malaysia mamak roti canai. Difference is, theirs come in wide varieties of fillings, ours are always drenched in a bed of spicy, richly flavoured curry gravy. They have chocolate, banana with chocolate, Nutella with banana and more as fillings. We had our banana “roti canai” topped with liberal sweetened milk, definitely calories loaded with satisfying combination of sweetness, chewiness, crispiness and mushy softness.

Next street food in Hua Hin Night Market, satay. Took some time to receive few sticks of chunky, delicious satay coated with glossy sweet BBQ sauce.

To be truth, there was not much food that attracted us in Chatchai Night Market. We came to a long rows of shops and restaurants selling seafood not long after, which said to be the highlights and must-have in Hua Hin Night Market too. Their target were mostly tourists, hence menu was elaborated with Chinese and English for each dish beside Thai language.

Huge seafood including prawns, squid, fish, lobster, etc. all handsomely lined up, waiting for you to pick them up, weigh and cook in the way you like such as garlic cheese, original, butter, and more. Staffs for each stall tried very hard to get customers, extra attentive when we approached, but showed unpleasant look if we weren’t interested to order.

We finally settled down at K.O. Seafood, one of the well-reviewed restaurants by many from internet.

We continued to Chatsila Hua Hin Night Market after that, a more organized and clean area that focused mainly on clothes, handcrafted souvenirs, beachwear, slippers, bags, accessories, just to name a few.

Chatsila Night Market is more photography worthy too, as there is several murals, wall paintings that visitors can take pictures with.

The whole journey of Chatsila and Chatchai Hua Hin Night Market took us about 3 hours including dinner. If you have more nights to spare in Hua Hin, you can also hop over to other night markets such as Pae Mai Market (the largest market in Hua Hin, opened on Tuesday); Grand Hotel Market (Located next to The Grand Hotel Hua Hin); Dinasour Market, Pae Market, etc..

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

How to go Chatsila & Chatchai Hua Hin Night Market:
Chatsila & Chatchai Hua Hin Night Market is located 5 minutes from Hua Hin Railway Station, near to Hua Hin Tourist Information Center.