Tao Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur Chinese New Year Promotions

Tao Chinese Cuisine at Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur ushers in Chinese New Year 2015 with new prosperity Chinese New Year Menu, specially crafted by award-winning Chef Wong. The CNY menu is commencing from 3rd February 2015 till 8th March 2015 during lunch and dinner.

Doubled Boiled Baby Abalone Dumplings with Caviar and Superior Stock 上湯鮑魚四色餃

Two set choices available- Tao Chinese New Year Seven-Course Set Lunch priced at RM148++ onwards per pax (minimum of three persons) and Tao Eight-Course Set Dinner priced at RM1688++ per table for 10 pax. Each dish is prepared using quintessential Chinese New Year seasonal flavours with modern touch, something the creative Chef Wong is prides of.

South African Lobster Tempura Yee Sang 南非龍蝦天婦儸撈生

Tossing of Yee Sang is getting more interesting from year to year, since different restaurant strives to churn out different toppings for their Yee Sang. This year of Goat, Tao Cuisine Intercontinental KL proves to be outstanding with South African Lobster Tempura Yee Sang 南非龍蝦天婦儸撈生 as the highlights, adding more bouncy, juicy, premium texture within the crunchy, colourful shredded vegetables and sour-sweet condiments.

Apart from Lobster Tempura Yee Sang, diners can also opt for Australian Abalone and Soft Shell Crab with Yee Sang 鮑魚軟殼蟹撈生, Hokkaido Scallops and Baby Octopus with Wasabi Sauce Yee Sang 華沙比北海道玉帶八爪魚撈生, Atlantic Salmon Yee Sang 鴻運三文魚撈生 and vegetarian Tempura Mushroom with Snow Pear Yee Sang 雪梨鮮菇天婦儸撈生, priced from RM68++ for half set, RM128++ for full set.

For main course, excite your tastebud with Chef’s recommendations including Double-boiled Fish Maw with Dried Scallops and Sea Cucumber Soup 花膠海寳燉湯, Braised Abalone with Sea Treasure in Golden Broth 金湯鮑魚海味羹, Braised Eight Treasure Duck 古法芋香八寳鴨, Fortune Pot 鴻運盆菜.

鴻運盆菜 Fortune Pot/ Poon Choy with Pumpkin Sauce

Of all, Tao’s Fortune Pot, or Poon Choy, gets double thumbs up for us, definitely highly recommended especially if you are pumpkin lovers. Besides the generous layers of quality items such as sea cucumber, dried oyster sea moss rolls, roasted duck, soy chicken, mushroom, dried scallops, fish maws, prawns, money bag, pomfret fillet, Hokkaido scallops, cabbage, broccoli, bean curd stick and yam, what caught our attention is the think-out-of-the-box pumpkin puree as the gravy!

The sauce itself is sealed with natural sweetness of pumpkin, prawn, crabmeat and chicken essence from long hours of boiling. Everything is exquisitely mixed and blended to denote delicate smoothness with no trace of sandy feel. so good that we can have the sauce alone with Jasmine fragrant rice.  Summergirl is so happy to taste Tao Intercontinental pumpkin sauce again after their Hot Pot promotion last year. By far the best pumpkin sauce base we found in KL-Klang Valley.

Deep-Fried Golden Mini “Ninko” bun served with Chilled Bird Nest Hawthorn, Snow Fungus, Peach and Aloe Vera 黃金年糕包伴凍燕窩雪耳蘆薈水蜜桃糖水

Serving suggestion for Nian Gao 年糕 , one of the Chinese New Year Must-Have, is getting more trendy nowadays too. We used to dip Nian Gao with just shredded coconut, or deep fried with yam and sweet potato. Chef Wong’s go beyond this with his very own version of Deep-Fried Golden Mini “Ninko” bun, enveloping chewy, sticky sweet Nian Gao within pillow soft bun and deep fried to golden brown for a crispy outer layer. Great dessert to end the meal!

For reservation or more information, please call +60327826000 or email foodandbeverage@intercontinental-kl.com.my. Visit www.kualalumpurdining.com for the latest happenings and offerings.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

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