Melaka Alive @ Malacca : 5D Effects Show that Tells History of Melaka

Melaka Alive, a creative “musical theatre” show lead by Neuvo Attraction & Destination Sdn Bhd, aiming to bring 6 centuries of Melaka history live on stage via sophisticated technology laden background, special sound, light 5D effect theatre and wonderful performance that reflects complex diversity of Malaysia’s culture.

Located opposite to The Independence Memorial of Melaka, right next to Pahlawan Shopping Mall, Melaka Alive earns a strategic position to becoming one main tourist attraction in Melaka, allowing both tourists and locals to have better understanding of Melaka from her past till today besides the many heritage buildings such as A Famosa, Christ Church Melaka, Taming Sari Tower, etc..

This performance is a ticketed experience, sectioned into 3 parts. In first part, guests will be “transported” back to the olden days of Melaka, learning how this small fishing village was named, how Melaka was raised to becoming an international port, how Melaka reached her Golden Ages, how Melaka was then colonized and eventually, obtained independence after many hardships.

The live show, called “Bahtera Merdeka”, is set on a ship inspired stage, bringing the story of Panglima Awang to life in a play. The story put together deeply studied historical facts, live theatre, and traditional Malay dance with theme park know-how, presenting lengthy history in a more lively, interesting way.

Highly recommended for everyone, especially parents with kids as this is a very good time to get your children to appreciate the rich history a Melaka. It is entertaining, at the same time educational.

For part 2, there will be mini magic show. A young, talented magician WOW all guests with several magic using prop such as playing cards, scarf, hat, etc..

Short Video of the Modern Dance

For part 3, all guests are invited to the the square near to entrance. Friendly team from Melaka Alive presents visitors with traditional Malay dance, at the same time partially integrate with modern dance. #Loud applause.

The show is priced at RM45 (Non-Mykad), RM35 (Mykad) for adult; RM28(Non-Mykad), RM20 (Mykad) for children between 4-12 years. Senior citizen above 60 years old is priced at RM20 (Mykad), RM45 (Non-mykad). Ticket can be purchased online (CLICK HERE), or at the venue of Melaka Alive.

Melaka Alive is available from Thursday through Sunday, and Malaysia Public Holidays. There will be 2 shows a aday at 7.30PM and 9.00PM. Show time may change according to real condition.

For more information, visit Melaka Alive website ( or Facebook (

Melaka Alive (Opposite The Independence Memorial of Melaka)
Jalan Parameswara,
Bandar Hilir,
Melaka, Malaysia.

Melaka Alive Ticket Price: Click HERE
Melaka Alive Show time: (Thur- Sun, Malaysia PH) 7.30PM and 9.00PM
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