Second Sunday @ Damansara Jaya, PJ : Pandan Pankek with Gula Melaka

Visited Second Sunday Cafe at Damansara Jaya on the second Sunday Second Sunday operates. Not going to bother this tongue-twisting sentence if we could have two Sundays every week. Second Sunday, you are calling out the wish laying deep in our heart.

Comparing to Damansara Uptown, Solaris, Hartamas, TTDI or Subang, Damansara Jaya is still considered new for cafes’ breed. There are two cafe along the whole row of shophouses in SS22/19, which is Second Sunday (beside KK Mart) and the Bulb Coffee. But less competition doesn’t guarantee a cafe’s success, as the cafe environment, food, drink and service team all play an important role.

Second Sunday looks calm, quiet at the first glance from outside. Empty? “Boh lang“? Food not good? No. Not at all. Apparently, it was almost full house when we pushed the door in, happy to be welcomed with a well-themed cozy and homey interior.

Grab the Second Sunday menu on the left hand side after the entrance to see what this new cafe has to offer. Semi self-service. So browse through the food selection, decide what you want to eat then proceed to the counter and place your order. Take your number, sit down and wait for your food to be served.

Currently, Second Sunday kitchen opens from 10am till 5.30pm. Hence, feel free to drop by for breakfast, brunch or late lunch. Hot pressed sandwich such as Pulled Chicken Sandiwch (RM17), Lamb Meatball Sandwich (RM19), Trio Grilled Cheese Sandwich (RM15) is available from 12pm till kitchen closed.

Breakfast/brunch in Second Sunday falls on light side, with total choices less than 10 so far, combined from both sweet and savoury. No trace of pasta, salmon steak, egg benedict, but a more interesting mix and match of different ingredients to reach for brand new flavours.

Local Pankek RM16

Take the Local Pankek for instance, Second Sunday transforms the classic Malaysia Nyonya kuih flavour  (*think about coconut flakes, pandan, gula melaka) into something more gimmick, putting together East meets West delights to bring to the born of this Pandan pancake.

The pandan-infused green colour pancake is doughy, topped with caramelized banana, further garnished with toasted fragrant desiccated coconut, served with gula Melaka syrup. Munching only the pancake can be one dimensional but luckily the faint hint of pandan aroma and gula Melaka sweetness keep us going.

Eat it layer by layer, or plunge your knife to cut through all layers, indulge together all in once for more fluffiness and textures. Our experiment result:  It is better eating layer by layer.

Scramble Eggs RM21

Second Sunday Scramble Egg is more general, so expect common ingredients like saute mushroom, beef bacon, rye toast, tomato salsa on your plate. The smaller version of big breakfast, minus baked beans, spinach or hash browns.

Though named Scramble Egg, the platter is not exactly up to our liking, as the scramble egg is not scrambled at all. It is more like a “plain omelette”, juicy but sodium over-loaded, too peppery. Beef bacon is rather dry and rubbery. The only thing good will be the rye bread, toasted to crispy at the edge, fluffy soft within.

Flat White RM10

Coffee lovers can have their caffeine fix at Second Sunday with espresso-based coffee including  single shot espresso, americano, flat white, latte, cappuccino, and mocha priced from RM5 to RM11. Hot chocolate, peppermint chocolate, green tea latte, tea, milkshakes are on the beverage list too, in case you are not into coffee.

Mocha RM11

All coffee are served with Second Sunday homemade cookies. Ask for some if you weren’t given with any. The team is more than happy to share with you these buttery, crumbly mini biscuits. For cake lovers, Second Sunday has a range of cakes to choose from the dessert counter. Try the highly recommended Green Tea Tiramisu.

Comment: We do like Second Sunday ambience, relaxed, not too crowded. However, there’s still a room of improvement for their food and coffee. Service is normal, not much to highlight. Nevertheless, thumbs up for their effort in introducing Nyonya Kuih-inspired Pandan Pancake.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Second Sunday Cafe (*beside KK Mart)
No.31, Jalan SS22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM (closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: 03 – 7731 7126