Yellow Brick Road @ Batai, Damansara Heights : I Wanna Be Kaya French Toast

Finally, Yellow Brick Road Cafe is paving its way to Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights Kuala Lumpur from 1st April, 9AM onwards!

We have been hearing a lot about Batai Village Yellow Brick Road since its renovation stage, from management of Torii Japanese Yakitori located next door, social media platforms, as well as team of Yellow Brick Road themselves (scattering yellow bricks around KL and Klang Valley but too bad we failed to get any, so no RM50 discount for our meal haha).

Yellow Brick Road at Damansara Heights is neither the path for Dorothy to look for wizard as appeared in the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and the 1939 Oz film based on this story; or actual road paved with yellow bricks that you may come across in cities such as New York, Chicago; or song title, lyrics, artwork from several famous artists.  Conversely, Yellow Brick Road is the name for a new cafe cum restaurant, branched out by the cheerful team behind The Bean Bag at Publika Solaris Dutamas KL.

Yellow Brick Road’s name is in fact inspired from the Oz, but the cafe and food wise, has aimed to distinguish herself from the shadow of The Red Bean Bag. Currently, Yellow Brick Road churns out plates of Asian-Western fusion main courses while maintaining crowd favourite brunch such as American Big Breakfast, poached egg, omelette, etc., with interesting twist.

But of course, no compromise on their coffee quality, as coffee seed to cup is the team’s priority all the time since they started The Red Bean Bag. Afterall, Jason Loo didn’t take the crown of Malaysia Barista Championship for no reason.

While The Red Bean Bag calls for chic, stylish interior, Yellow Brick Road on the other hand, is more homey, countryside-like, putting together ample of wooden elements with yellow, white and greyish colours for cleaner look.

We like the big, round table that can sit up to 10 pax, ideal for large group of friends or families. The whole area is very photography-worthy, from the “leafless wooden tree” to “yellow path” that curved up the ceiling, sunny bright yellow sunflowers, and coffee counter with “COFFEE” sign scrabble up from individual alphabets. Downside for us: Business is always at brisk for Yellow Brick Road, hence difficult for us to take more photos in ease. Plus, not every diner wish to be in our camera’s frame. Perhaps weekday is a better choice.

I Wanna Be Kaya RM22

Eat “I Wanna Be Kaya” and become kaya (*we wish so). It is actually two slices of thick French toast dressed with poached pear, strawberries, coconut mascarpone cheese and caramel kaya sauce. No surprise for their French toast. Considered expensive for this simple plate, but we give credit to Yellow Brick Road ‘s effort in infusing coconut into mascarpone cheese, and adding caramel sweetness into kaya.

Balik Kampung RM25

An Asian local main course that lives up to its name, tastes like home, something that your mum will dish out when you “balik kampung” (going back hometown). No complains for this as the percik chicken delivers pleasing juiciness, thickly coated with flavourful, aromatic sauce. Spicy? No, not at all.

Rice portion is small, but comes in just right as it goes really well with the gravy. Paired with homemade mango kerabu salad for zesty, sour touch. The palate opener.

Triple C Baked Eggs RM25

We had a hard time deciding whether to try out The Big Breakfast Bash (because we got attracted with the serving pan), Prawny- O ( 2-egg omelette with sugar cured prawns and anchovies sambal) or Chicken Char Siu Pasta (Aglio Olio pasta with chicken char siu). Finally settled down for Triple C Baked Eggs instead. Good. No regrets.

Creamy, cheesy melted cheese sheltering baked eggs and chili corne carne. Take a spoonful and spread over Naan bread served along, one bite we are sold. Baked egg scores better here, as there is still room of improvement for their naan bread to reach the chewy, dense texture like we have in mamak stall (if this were the version that Yellow Brick Road Cafe trying to achieve).

Piccolo Latte RM11

When you can easily reach for a cup of coffee everywhere nowadays, even the cup and saucer turn important, for some. Prettier serving cup makes a coffee more noteworthy, maybe. Yellow Brick Road sees the needs here, so be ready to receive a cup of decent coffee served in charming patterned coffee ware. So nice looking that we couldn’t help taking few more pictures before drinking down.

Mocha RM13

Yellow Brick Road coffee features their famous houseblend – The Oz-Some blend of Columbia + Costa Rica, roasted by Artisan Roastery. Espresso and long black is priced at RM8, while Hot White (with milk) begins from RM6 for babycino, RM11 for usual latte, cappuccino, flat white. Other beverage choices including tea, premium specialty Hojo Tea, and Smooshiejuice – the 100% pure bottled fruit juice.

Comments: Just one page for Yellow Brick Road menu make the choices seems limited, even though everything is promising. Hoping for a longer list in future. Service is good, staffs are attentive. Do drop by and pay a visit!

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Yellow Brick Road (Beside Torii and Sitka)
8-7, Jalan Batai,
Batai Village,
Damansara Heights.
Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM
Contact: 03- 2035 5922