Cedar on 15 Rooftop Bar & Restaurant @ Impiana KLCC Hotel , KL

Nestled right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Impiana KLCC Hotel is positioned amongst the prominent landmarks, shopping area and significant business district in Kuala Lumpur. Staying and dining at Impiana KLCC Hotel are both satisfying, as the hotel boasts 519 modern guest rooms, equipped with restaurants including Cedar on 15, Tonka Bean Cafe.Deli, Oswego Bar.Wine and Bohemia Tobacco.

Cedar on 15, the contemporary rooftop bar & restaurant is one of the dining locations Impiana KLCC Hotel prides at, renowned for its fantastic location on the 15th floor of the hotel to offer diners a panaromic view of the city’s skyline, alongside with great food and drinks.

Trendily designed, Cedar on 15 comprises a spacious show kitchen, a private dining room, a u-shaped bar and a serene dining area. Dark lacquered tables accompanied by red, black and cream upholstered chairs, further complemented with high ceilings to exude a spacious, elegant ambience. Suggest to arrive early to get a seat near to the balcony- the perfect spot to glimpse the beautiful view of KL city center.

Enjoy a wide selection of gastronomic delights from Cedar on 15 menu, newly revamped. They are more than just ordinary Western cuisine, as the restaurant has paired their dishes with Vomfass, the establishment which supply world’s best oils, vinegars, spirits & wines. With just a few drops of this premium liquid, the entire flavour of your food is magically enhanced.

Traditional Caesar Salad RM38
-Served with Lemon Olive Oil-

For starter, begin healthy with Traditional Caesar Salad, tossing green lettuce, honey tomato, quail eggs, beef bacon bits, baguatte crostini in caesar dressing, garnished with shaved Parmesan cheese. Add few drops of lemon olive oil for a faint hint of lemony, tangy touch.

Fresh Burrata Cheese RM45
-Served with Basil Olive Oil-

Cedar on 15 Impiana KLCC recommends Fresh Burrata Cheese served with Basil Olive Oil for as their appetizer, which is also vegetarian friendly. Air flown from Italy, Burrata cheese is a very young, fresh Mozzarella cheese, beautifully wrapped in Balsamic gelee. Sided with Roma tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil.

Clear Essence of Black Angus Beef RM32
-Served with Sherry Oil-

Soups in Cedar on 15 is served right in front of diners. An empty bowl, solid ingredients in the middle, staffs will then pour hot soup around the edge of bowl until a small island is created at the center. Noteworthy, eye-catchy process to witness on before you start enjoying your soup.

Cream of Topin Ambour RM38
-Served with Truffle Oil-

We love this Cream of Topin Ambour, a soup that deliver smooth, creaminess in every sip. Spoon on further to discover Bocconcini cheese at the bottom, a round, egg-size mild cheese that has a fun texture – semi-soft, spongy, like a cross between marshmallow and chewing gum. Drizzle the soup with truffle oil for additional earthy, aromatic flavour.

220g New South Wales Ribeye RM68

For main course, Cedar on 15 covers choices such as pasta (Seafood Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Garlic Oil, Roquefort tagliatelle pasta with sliced Black Angus striploin), Pizzas from Wood Stone Oven (Coriandolo E Pollo thin crust pizza with Basil Olive Oil, Meaty Crust thin baked pizza with Porcili Oil), Fish & Seafood ( Fjord Salmon from Norway served with Lemon Olive Oil, Lobster ala Cedar served with Garlic Oil, Tiger Prawns with Organic Hazelnut Oil), Grilled Steak (New South Wales Ribeye, 100 days Grain Fed chilled striploin, Wagyu Tenderloin, Dry Aged Beef), Roasted Spring Chicken, New Zealand Lamb Loin, and more.

Pumpkin Seed Crusted Black Cod RM78
-Served with Organic Hazelnut Oil-

Pan seared black cod fish is one of our favourites, crusted with liberal amount of pumpkin seed at the skin layer, hence texture contrast is distinct – mellow soft, flaky flesh packed with nuttiness of pumpkin seeds. Sided with mushroom tomato chutney, fennel mousse and Sugar Pea Snaps.

Chocolate Molten Cake RM35
Can’t deny Chocolate Molten Lava Cake is easily available nowadays from small cafes to high-end restaurants, so common that you may want to skip it once in a while when you see this dessert on the menu, but definitely not when in Cedar on 15 Impiana KLCC. The chef rates their Chocolate Molten Lava Cake as must-try, highly recommended.

Cedar on 15 Molten Lava cake is a combination of dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate layer by layer and in the center, expect mango sauce to ooze out, surprise your palate with a twist of sweet tanginess.

Triple Layer Cheese Cake RM38
-Served with Amaretto Liquor-

Dessert ideal for sharing, as it is hearty in portion, extra rich, dense and creamy.

Photography: Summerkid

CEDAR on 15 Rofttop Bar & Restaurant
Impiana KLCC Hotel
Kuala Lumpur City Center
Level 15, Club Tower,
Impiana KLCC Hotel,
13, Jalan Pinang,
Kuala Lumpur,
50450 Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
6.30am–10.30am (breakfast),
12pm -2.30pm (Lunch),
6.30pm till late, kitchen closed 10.30pm (dinner)
Contact : +603-2147 1111 (ext. 3711/3320)

How to reach Impiana KLCC Hotel from KLCC Shopping Mall:
Pass through the tunnel beside Maybank/Uniqlo/Guardian -> Foodcourt -> Aquaria KLCC to reach starting point of KLCC-Pavilion KL link bridge, follow Impiana KLCC sign board to reach.