Iberico Kitchen @ Oasis Square Ara Damansara : Best Iberico Pork Ribs

Visit Iberico Kitchen at Oasis Square Ara Damansara for best Iberico pork ribs in town!

Till date, in KL and PJ, Iberico pork is not exactly widely available. Some non-halal restaurants do serve Iberico pork, but usually there is only one or two Iberico Pork -related dishes on the menu. Many will not order this as it is more expensive.  But there is a reason why Iberico is set at a higher price compared to the usual pork you get from your market. Once you understand Iberico ‘s background, you perception over it might change, and this meat is actually worth every penny you pay.

“The difference between Iberico pig and mainstreem white pigs breed are largely genetics. Apart from their distinct dark grey colour, Iberico is a lot sturdier, tough, active and highly adaptable to their environment. They are given to freely foraging in the opened fields, a practice that many producers in Spain are still keeping for free-range pig rearing.” . In short, Iberico pig is considered as premium pork, with beautiful marbling, remarkable flavour, better to health.

Hence, here comes in Iberico Kitchen, giving more chance to public to experience this wonderful meat. Iberico Kitchen is by far the only restaurant in Oasis Damansara, or to say, the pioneer in Klang Valley that specializes in serving Iberico pork delicacies.

Iberico Kitchen menu range from salad, pasta, soup, main course like Iberico Pork Chop, Iberico Burger, Iberico Meatballs and dessert. Not exactly extensive but everything is delicious, noteworthy. The team is  still in the midst of finalizing their menu to deliver the best Iberico pork delights to patrons. Therefore, expect Iberico Kitchen to churn out more mouth-watering choices in near future.

Chef’s Salad RM25

Begin with Chef’s Salad, a hearty bowl of mixed salad leaves, grilled mixed vegetables tossed with Iberico Jowl and feta cheese, dressed in homemade mustard.

Iberico ‘s Specialities Ribs RM11/100gm

If we were to choose only one dish in Iberico Kitchen, we would pick Iberico ‘s Special Ribs without a second thought. Definitely the must-order, never leave without trying this. Differ from many other ribs which are either too lean or too fat or too meaty or too saucy, Iberico Kitchen ‘s ribs deliver a balance of all. A good proportion rich meat marbled with fat, deeply flavoured with smoky sweet marination till the bone. Yes, get your hands dirty, it is so finger-licking good!

Priced at RM11 per 100gram, Iberico Kitchen is having a more than reasonable price for their Iberico Ribs. There are two flavours available, Original Iberico Spare Ribs or Honey Glaze Iberico Spare Ribs. Choose from Quarter Rack, Half Rack or Full Rack. We had Quarter Rack which is sufficient for four of us with one main course each. But to be truth, one for each is never enough.

Wild Infused Mushroom RM11

Iberico Kitchen offers three types of soup- Wild Mushroom Soup, Pumpkin Spices Soup, The Broccoli. All made in house using natural and fresh ingredients to ensure best quality of soup. Wild Mushroom Soup falls on less creamy side, but comes with liberal amount of chopped fresh sauteed mushrooms for more bites. Served with a slice of garlic herb baguatte

Pumpkin Spices RM10.00

While Summerkid loves Iberico Kitchen Mushroom Soup, Summergirl on the other hand, rates high for their Pumpkin Spices, a soup cooked from roasted diced pumpkin with nutmeg spices and vegetable stock, served with slice of garlic herbs baguatte.

The Broccoli RM11

The Broccoli is decent too, minimal trace of unpleasant vegetal taste. Quite creamy, tummy warming.

Nachos with Cheese

Yeah, we always love nachos topped with cheese and Iberico pork bits. Crunchy, cheesy, savoury. Good for sharing while waiting for your mains to arrive, great with a pint of beer.

Iberico Collar with Mashed Potatoes RM37

Iberico pork collar gathered with tenderness and juiciness in every bite, just lightly seasoned but managed to shine, as Iberico is always pride for their outstanding texture and flavour.

Chef Seafood Fried Rice RM19

Chef’s signature seafood fried rice, one of the very few selections in Iberico Kitchen that is not “infused” with Iberico pork. Despite so, it is not shadowed. Decent amount of wok hei, flavourful rice enhanced with sweetness of real crab meat and shrimps.

Crema Catalana RM15

Our satisfying meal is end with Crema Catalana as dessert. No, there is no Iberico Pork inside. Just milky smooth, creamy and custardy pudding-like creme brulee topped with a crispy, caramelized layer. Served with watermelon salsa, as Crema Catalana is the Spanish way of serving this French popular dessert.

Photographer: Summerkid

Iberico Kitchen (Opposite Minime Cafe, Beside Purple Pasta)
Block D, unit D-G-07,
Oasis Square,
Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Ara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact: 03 – 78599 296 / 012 – 2977 296
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ibericokitchen