Boathouse @ TTDI : Caramelized Roast Pork with Garlic Cloves

At Boathouse TTDI, you will be assured with a satisfying meal that makes you want to return for more. More than a decade in the F&B business, Boathouse still claimed as an outstanding restaurant serving delicious Western and local delights with creative twist, helmed by experienced Chef Yenni Law who is also the author of a newly launched recipe book, Meatology.

Asking if competition from Tom, Dick & Harry’s Pub + Grub next door is intense, we would say: not exactly, even though there is similarity in some of the dishes for both restaurants. One can easily tell the difference just from the ambience itself. While Tom, Dick & Harry’s is more to young, vibrant, hipster Mou Man Tai style, Boathouse TTDI on the other hand, is homey, relaxing and cozy. Ideal for family dining, and those who wish to have a quiet meal.

Boathouse TTDI menu is thick and extensive, with description of each food written in detail. Porky selections take the limelight in Boathouse, such as Fried Paulaner Spare Ribs (RM32), Open Face Pork Burger (RM32), Caramelized Roast Pork with Garlic Cloves (RM31); alongside with other Western food including Pan Seared White Tuna (RM43), Beer Batter Fish & Chips (RM34),  Seared Grass-fed Sirloin (RM49); and not to forget, innovative dishes such as Wild Boar Meat in Yogurt Curry with Nachos that put together East meets West ingredients for memorable flavours.

Caramelized Roast Pork with Garlic Cloves

We always love roast pork (siu yoke) – Crispy skin set off by balanced layer of lean and fat meat, lightly rubbed with spices, so yummy. Boathouse heighten up the flavours of roast pork by sauteing 150g of this with bacon, garlic, baby chillies, further caramelized with brown sugar for crispy sweet coating, finally flame with brandy. Addictive, goes well with a pint of beer.

Swine Satay RM28

Pork satay is nothing special, but when the skewer has pork meat, stomach and intestines strung together, more flavours and textures come through, amazingly concocted with aroma of lemongrass, fresh tumeric and tamarind marination. Served with grandma’s pineapple peanut sauce.

Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs RM58+

You don’t see this all-the-time on Boathouse ‘s menu. So in case you saw “Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs” written on their chalk board, make sure you have an order. You’ll like the tender soft meat, spread with lip-smacking spicy, smoky barbecue sauce. Served with garlic rosemary roasted potatoes and apple slaw.

Yin Yang Tenderloin RM69

220g Australian grain-fed prime steak fillet grilled to doneness, placed over a bed of  Yin Yang two gravy in one plate – blue cheese sauce and black pepper sauce.

Squid Ink Rissoto RM42

Boathouse TTDI whip up a good bowl of Squid Ink Rissoto, rich, deeply infused with squid ink. Black throughout, texture added with seafood goodness like squid, prawns, fish and scallop.

Tortellini Truffle Essence and Porcini Mushroom RM38

Summergirl’s favourite in the meal. Meat stuffed-tortellini dressed with reduced cream, porcini mushroom and few dollops of white truffle essence. Suggest to order for share, as it can be quite filling due to the thick, creamy gravy.

Crepe Suzatte RM30

End the meal with Boathouse TTDI signature dessert -Crepe Suzatte. Paper thin, chewy French crepe doused in tangy sweet orange butter sauce, flambeed with Cointreau and Cognoc before your eyes. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Dark Chocolate Souffle RM30

Good thing is worth waiting. Reserve 25 minutes of preparation for this Cherry Dark Chocolate Souffle.  Fluffy light, melt in mouth chocolate custard meringue baked over highest heat, coupled well with run soaked pitted cherries laid at the bottom for refreshing, sourish touch.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up : Summergirl

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