Double A Cafe KL @ Pacific Place Ara Damansara , PJ

Double A Cafe KL at Pacific Place Commercial Centre Ara Damasara PJ has a name that easily rooted in our mind from the first time we heard of it, as the cafe shares a similar name with the leading copy paper brand, Double A, though they are not connected.

Minimalism is the new black. Double A Cafe KL calls for simple and clean design, coupled with cutting-edge decoration for modern touch. Nothing is overflow here, everything is thoughtfully mix and match from wall colours to space partition, floorings, furnishing, etc. to reach for a balance in whole, yet pretty enough to make you feel like giving them double A(s).

There is currently no shop sign for Double A Cafe. We took some time tracking down the cafe, only to find it located at the same row with Penang Road Nasi Kandar after driving few rounds in Pacific Commercial Centre. It is facing the main road in case you need more information.

We love their outdoor seating, especially the floor formed from repeated black and white hexagon ceramic mosaic floor tiles. Complete with stained-grey-brown balcony tables, and benches topped with blue cushion. Pleasant, eye-catchy.

Double A Cafe opens only from noon onwards, no main courses on the menu yet, but you may encounter “pop-up” sandwiches or savoury light bites on different days to fill your hungry stomach. Else, come by after lunch for a cuppa with a slice of home-baked goodness during teatime.

Coffee here is good, with beans roasted by reputable M Espresso Sporting Club, featuring Double A Seasonal Houseblend combining Colombia Inza, Guatamala Antigua SHB and Brazil Mogiana. Balanced throughout, with nutty sweetness.

Instead of highlighting desserts made-in-house (though they have chicken pies all sorts for quick grab), Double A Cafe get into crossover with homemade cakes & desserts  from different home bakers in KL and PJ, in the effort to drive more exposure for these potential local dessert chefs. Expect cake selections from Sugar Rush Simply Dessert (*which also has a cafe in Section 16 by now), Gateuxlicious The Cake Specialist, Gula Home Bakery, That Last Slice, and Cake Jalan Tiung (Meet them in Seksyen 9 Shah Alam, currently one of the hottest cafes in town), and many more to come in near future.

Double A X Sugar Rush Chocolate Rose Ganache Cake

All dessert in Double A Cafe seem delectable, from Orange Cake Butterscotch Cream, Nangka Cupcakes,  Salted Caramel Choc, Bad Boy Diddy, Chocolate Rose Ganche Cake, Fudgy Brownie, etc. etc. etc. We had a hard time deciding which one to have. Pavlova is one of the best seller which you will not see in on the dessert counter, but staff will always recommend this to you. Now we regret not getting one. We had Chocolate Ganache Cake from Sugar Rush, a slice of extra dense, rich and chocolaty cake that pairs well with coffee.

Comments: Friendly service in Double A Cafe. Staffs have smiles on their face all the time, cheerful, sporting, attentive. The place is calm and quiet even full house, hence ideal for those who love to complete their work without disturb. Yeap, we saw few tables of customers studying, revising their homework there. To us, we are more eager into trying new cakes from homebakers that we are yet to know.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Double A Cafe (same row with Penang Road Nasi Kandar)
E-1-3, Pacific Place Commercial Centre,
Jalan PJU 1A/4, Ara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed-Thurs: 12PM-9PM
Friday: 3PM-11PM
Sat-Sun: 12PM-10PM
Closed on Tuesdays