Sauna Fish and Seafood Restaurant @ Connaught Avenue, Cheras [CLOSED DOWN]

Sauna Fish and Seafood Restaurant at Connaught Avenue Cheras , Kuala Lumpur (Beside EconSave Len Sen) 康樂桑拿魚 doesn’t go on the same concept like many other seafood restaurants or “dai chao” shops by serving seafood cooked in different ways such as deep fried, stir-fried, soup, etc.. Instead, they take up one of the most popular dining trends in China – “Sauna Fish” and modified to their own version.

In China, for Sauna Fish, usually whole fish is placed over a flat pan with lots of tiny holes, then put to steam. Holes within the pan allow hot steam to interact directly with fish, hence fasten the cooking process. Very similar like doing sauna, therefore the name “sauna fish”. Besides, these holes avoids condensed steam from gathering around the fish, which will make the meat goes soggy or over-wet. It also helps to keep the fish warm throughout the meal.

In Sauna Fish and Seafood Restaurant Cheras, whole fish is replaced with plenty of seafood varieties, from scallops to prawns, sliced fish, crabs, clams, mussels and squid. The restaurant still used pan with holes to arrange the seafood, but plain boiled water for steaming is changed to a pot of flavourful, nourishing chicken broth.

To start, pick your seafood platter for 1-2pax (RM38), 2-3pax (RM58), 3-4pax (RM78) or 4-5pax (RM88), premium seafood platter (RM138/RM188, need reservation), then add on with your favourite selections if you wish too- mussels platter, giant scallop platter, mixed platter, fish fillet platter, prawn platter, and fish fillet prawn platter.

The platter will then placed over your choice of chicken broth of herbal soup for steaming. In less than 10 minutes, diners can start to indulge seafood in their most original flavours.

We love the giant scallop, having huge, bouncy scallop laid on a bed of “tang hoon” which has fully absorbed the delicate sweetness released from scallops.

After finishing seafood, the tray is then removed. You can start drinking the soup, and add in more ingredients according to your liking such as fishballs, vegetables, egg and noodles. Make it into steamboat fun.

Smoked Duck RM16

Fried Chicken Wings RM7

Diners can also order cooked food from Sauna Fish menu while waiting for their steam seafood. Limited selections but all good, especially Fried Chicken Wings. Crispy outside with a coat of saltiness from fermented beancurd (Nam Yu), tender and juicy inside. Worth ordering.

Seafood Fish Rolls RM8

Eight Spice Rolls RM8

In short, Sauna Fish and Seafood Restaurant offers a new style of eating seafood, where you can have steamed seafood and steamboat at the same time. More healthy, but still enjoyable. The area is rather quite in the meantime as Connaught Avenue Cheras is not fully ready yet, but somehow it turns to be an advantage as this means there will be lots of parking space available.

Photography: Summerkid

Restoran Sauna Fish and Seafood (Connaught Avenue)
A-LG-3A, Connaught Avenue,
Jalan 9, Taman Bukit Cheras,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +60127193559, +60391076521
Business Hours: 4.00PM – 11.30PM (Mon-Sun)