Sozo Ala-Carte Japanese Buffet @ Sunway Giza , PJ

Sozo in Sunway Giza Mall distinguishes themselves as a Japanese restaurant serving Chuka-style delicacies, a type of Japanese Chinese cuisine which was popular in Japan in the late 19th century. As its name implies in Chinese – 日本中華料理.

Chili Scallop

Ebi Chilli

Ika Butter Yaki


Chuka dishes is the foundation in Sozo menu, aiming to re-popularizing this cuisine with a unique twist of their own. Everything here is prepared with passion by a team of experienced master chefs, ensuring good quality and eye-pleasing food presentation for all diners.


The restaurant houses a huge menu, covering from appetizer, salad, carpaccio, sashimi, sushi, maki roll, agemono, yakimono, fried rice, donburi, udon, cold soba, ramen, Sozo Lunch set, set menu and more. Diners will be pleased with reasonably priced food in Sozo, and more joys to share when Sozo launches ala-carte Japanese buffet during lunch and dinner hours!

Tempura Moriawase

Priced at only RM42++ for weekday lunch (12PM-2PM), RM48++ for weekday dinner (6PM-8PM), RM60++ for lunch (12PM-2PM) and dinner (6PM-8PM) on weekends, Sozo buffet is definitely worth every penny you pay for, even though diners are limited to only 2 hours of dining time. All dishes are made to order, and feel free to choose anything from the menu. Drinks are included too.

Hamachi Kobuto

You will be given a sheet of paper brimming with a long list of food name. Tick for your favourite order, pass to the staff, wait and enjoy. If certain orders didn’t come after 15 minutes, this means that particular dish is either not available on that day, or sold out. Remember the rule for Sozo buffet, save the hassle of asking staffs who are usually more than busy to entertain you.

Sashimi Mariowase

We started with some good sashimi – White tuna, maguro, tako, hamachi, salmon, salmon belly, hamachi belly. Get them individually at 3 pieces, 5 pieces, 7 pieces, or order sashimi mariowase to enjoy all.

Salmon Carpaccio

Sozo Salmon Carpaccio, Rainbow Carpaccio, Hamachi Aburi Carpaccio are the crowd favourite, featuring thinly sliced raw sashimi in a bed of savoury sauce, further garnished with fish roe, deep fried sliced ginger and spring onions for extra textures.

Mango Soft Shell Crab Salad

Always a fan of soft shell crab so we will not miss out giving a tick to Sozo Mango Soft Shell Crab Salad. A beautiful bowl of greens lettuce, honey tomato, carrot and cubed mango tossed in refreshing dressing, topped with deep fried soft shell crab. Better if the crab could be more crunchy, less oily.

Spicy Maguro Roll (Not In The Picture)

Do not underestimate the Spicy Maguro Roll. When the name is crowned with “spicy”, it really means so, and spicier than we thought of. The outer layer is dabbed with liberal amount of Japanese Spicy Powder, packing lots of fiery hot kicks in every munch.

Other than Spicy Maguro Roll, diners will be spoilt with wide choices of maki like Ikura Salmon Maki, California Maki, Unagi Cheese Maki, Hamachi Aburi Teriyaki, Special Soft Shell Crab Maki and Tuna Mayo Maki, Ebi Ten Maki, just to name a few.

Unagi Tofu

The Unagi Tofu is mellow soft inside, but the outer layer could do better with a less sticky, glue-like texture.

Fresh Oyster

Rejoice oyster lovers, as this item is also available on Sozo buffet menu. Diners can indulge oysters in fresh, slurpy form with a squeeze of lemon; a little more flavours in Oyster Aburi Carpaccio; or have it breaded and deep fried to golden brown – Kaki Fry.

Katsu Curry Don

In case you have a big appetite, do not hesitate to order tummy filling dishes like ramen, udon, donburi and soba. We checked out Katsu Curry Don to fulfill our craving for Japanese curry. Not exceptionally good, as the curry is lack of creaminess, a little overwhelmed with spices.

Overall, food in Sozo Japanese Restaurant is a hits and misses. Some are delicious, while some still have a room of improvement. But considering the price (*being one of the cheapest ala-carte Japanese buffet in KL and PJ ) and quality, it is worth a visit.

Photography: Summerkid

Sozo Japanese Restaurant
Sunway Giza Mall,
No2, Jalan PJU 5/14,
Kota Damansara,Petaling Jaya.
Contact: 016-221 9774
Opening Hours: daily 11AM-11PM

Japanese Ala-Carte buffet:
Monday – Friday
RM42++ Lunch (12PM – 2PM)
RM48++ Dinner (6PM – 8PM)

Saturday – Sunday
RM60++ Lunch (12PM – 2PM)
RM60++ Dinner (6PM – 8PM)