Hana Dining Sake Bar 花酒藏 @ Sunway Pyramid, PJ

Hana Dining Sake Bar in Sunway Pyramid has finally opened its door to the public, housing a spacious corner next to Kim Lian Kee Hokkien Mee 金蓮記福建面, opposite to New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice (Since 1977) 新怡保雞販.

For food lovers who are aware with the famous A-Plus Dining Sake Bar 花酒藏居酒屋 in Taipei, Taiwan, yes, Hana Dining Sake Bar is the first oversea restaurant for A-Plus. Even though they are having different name in English, there is no compromise to the quality of food and beverage for Hana Malaysia. Apparently, Hana Dining Sake Bar Malaysia menu is pretty close to APlus Taiwan, with minimal twist due to location.

Hana Dining Sake Bar is more than just a Japanese restaurant. They are pride for modern Japaneses, appetizer, maki roll, aemono cuisine prepared in Western style, with a touch of Taiwan-Chinese flavours and ingredients to complete. Together with a long list of sake, whisky, beer, cocktail to go with, we believe Hana Dining will receive a good crowd for lunch, dinner, as well as groups for alcoholic drinks.

More than 100 types of ala-carte dishes on Hana Dining Sake Bar menu, from Appetizers, Yakimono, Donburi, Sashimi, Salads, Soups, Makimono, Nigiri, Temaki Handroll, Nama Kaki to Just Heavenly cakes, Hana homemade ice creams and Luxe eclairs dessert.

But what caught our attention is their Signature Course Meal which allow diners to sample more delicacies at one go, as the tagline of this set menu says : Fit for Kings. Available for 2pax, 4pax and 6pax.

海鮮和風沙拉 / Seafood Salad in Japanese Salad Dressing

Begin with Seafood Salad in Japanese Salad Dressing, a refreshing toss of crab meat, squid, pineapple, tomatoes, green lettuce with tangy-sweet salad sauce that work great as appetite opener.

牛蒡沙拉 / Fried Burdock Salad in Honey Mustard Sauce

Highly recommended salad in Hana Dining Sake Bar. The use of burdock is popular in Taiwan and Japan, generally incorporated into soup, stir-fried with meat and for cold salad, but less seen in Malaysia. Great to see deep-fried burdock generously top over in our second salad, adding more crispiness into the dish.

八足鮮筍菠菜球 / Bamboo Spinach Ball Topped with Octopus

Green bamboo spinach enveloping bouncy seafood fillings, finished with a small slice of octopus and a dollop of sauce. Filling goes on fish ball-like texture, easily acceptable but for the spinach, it may be too vegetal for some.

霜降中卷佐黃瓜 / Squid Stuffed with Preserved Cucumber

Expect squid stuffed with rice? No, that’s too one dimensional and carbohydrate loaded. Hana Dining Sake Bar presents more seafood goodness with chockful of minced crab meat and preserved cucumber packed into the squid ring.

綜合生魚片 / Sashimi
Take Sashimi (16 pcs)

炭烤起士加州卷 / Maki Roll
Charcoal Cheese Special California Roll

南蠻炸雞 / Deep Fried Namban Chicken

Hana ‘s version of Deep Fried Namban Chicken fares slightly different from those we had tasted before. Thicker batter, deep fried to pale golden-yellow to result in crispy outer layer,  encasing deeply marinated, juicy and succulent chicken meat.

軟殼蟹萵苣手卷 / Crispy Soft Shell Crab Wrapped with Lettuce

蟹肉玉子燒 / Crab Meat Omelette Japanese Style

Generous portion of skilfully made, locked-with-moisture Japanese omelette. Wrapping crab meat within, garnished with saute mushrooms and onions for sweet finish.

海鮮胡麻涼麵 / Cold Udon with Seafood and Sesame

Cold, bouncy udon mixed with rich, delicately smooth sesame sauce. It seems fall short in flavours at the first few bites but as we tuck in more, aroma and nuttiness of sesame gradually developed in the palate. Not for everyone but Summergirl grows fond on it.

昆布牛肝菌寬面 / Seaweed Boletus Pasta

Seaweed Boletus Pasta, the crowd-pleasing dish that received lots of praises in the dinner. Al-dente flat pasta, laid in a bed of savoury gravy heaped with creaminess that doesn’t make you feel cloying, enhanced with wonderful earthy taste of mushrooms.

花酒藏自家制甜品 / Hana Home Made Dessert

End the meal with Hana Dining Sake Bar homemade dessert.

Photography: Summerkid

Hana Dining + Sake Bar 花酒藏
Sunway Pyramid Mall,
OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard,
Ground Floor, No.3,
Jalan PJS 11/15 (Above RedBox)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact:03-5624 0888