Ngam TomYum @ Bangsar KL : Seafood Tom Yum Noodles

Ngam Tom Yum at Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur surfaces in the F&B market quietly, churning out unexpectedly good tom yum noodles that receives lots of praises from patrons around the neighbourhood, as well as customers who flock by after hearing good reviews about them, like us.

The term “Ngam” is very catchy, making the restaurant easy to be remembered but why “Ngam”? It seems to have no relation with tom yum. Ngam means beautiful in Thai, the colourful flower-like spinning wheel of the shop logo well-represents so. What’s more, Ngam Tom Yum is managed by a young couple, the handsome & pretty, very good looking.

Thirdly, the interior itself, from furnishing, wall, cutleries, plates, food presentation all sum up to vibrant, cheerful colours. In local Hokkien, “Ngam” means just nice. Hence, when you look back at the shop logo, the ambience, the couple, everything is “ngam ngam ho”. No doubt, Ngam Tom Yum Bangsar gets the right name. Beautiful, and fits well.

Crispy Wanton RM7
Ngam Bangsar menu has Tom Yum Noodles as the Must-Try, accompanied by favourite Thai street delicacies like Fried Rice, Thai Basil Minced Meat with Rice, Fish Cake sum up in one page. Simple and not extensive, just tasty comfort food to have diners leave with happy stomach.

Fish Cake RM7
Fish cake is on the softer side, enveloped by a golden brown deep fried outer layer. Good to order for sharing while waiting for your Tom Yum noodles to arrive.

Fried Chicken
Ngam Bangsar fried chicken appears more like local version, not slimy and crispy but more sizeable, juicy and meaty. Despite so, still equally enjoyable but better if they could come out with the crunchy dry Thai chicken wings we had in Boat Noodles.

Seafood Tom Yum Noodles RM98
Here comes the highlights – Ngam Seafood Tom Yum Noodles that can fits 4. Huge portions of Thai vermicelli immersed in an bed of creamy tom yum, beautifully laced with appetizing red hot oil. Salmon fillet, fish balls, mussels, prawns, squid, boiled eggs, abalone mushrooms generous topped over. So spectacular. Let’s feast like a king!

This super bowl isn’t just pure spicy and sourish, herbs flavours loaded. Instead, it is considered mild compare to some other tom yum we have tried. The flavours is more to rich, thick and creamy, with a touch of umami sweetness released from the seafood cooked along.

Some may find the soup too creamy, but that’s how we love it. Suggest to finish the noodles a little faster, as they soak up the broth pretty fast. By then, you will be left with no soup to savour.

Tom Yum Fried Rice RM16

Thai Creamy Omelette with Spicy Sauce RM14

Red Ruby RM7
Time for dessert to cool down the heat from tom yum. No complain for Ngam Bangsar Red Rubby, an icy cold dessert that put together jackfruits, red ruby and coconut milk in tall glass.

Steam Bread with Thai Sang Kaya RM6
Highly recommended. We were so full by the time Ngam Steam Bread with Thai Sang Kaya was served to us. But it was so good that we polished clean the entire basket and wanting for more! Summerkid is never a fan of bread but this time, he said he can eat this every day.  The steamed bread is extraordinary soft, pillowy, matching well with the gooey coconut kaya.

Thai Steam Coconut Pandan Pudding RM3 for 2
Thai Steamed Coconut Pandan Pudding is not bad too. We realize Ngam is generous in the amount of coconut milk to their dessert, as we trace down distinct coconut aroma for both Sang kaya and pudding, generally richer compared to some Thai dessert we have tasted before.

Thai Iced Tea (Cha-yen) RM5, Thai Iced Green Tea (Cha-Keow-Yen0) RM5

Clearly, Ngam Bangsar is a great place for unpretentious Thai meal. We are already missing their Creamy Tom Yum and Steam Bread with Thai Sangkaya!

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Ngam Tom Yum Noodles Bangsar
Lot. 61, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 018-245 8297
Opening hours: 12PM -9PM (closed on tuesdays)

Where is Ngam TomYum Bangsar?
Ngam has taken over the previous location of Monkey Garage. About 5 minutes from Bangsar Telawi. It shares a same building with Toyato Showroom @ Jalan Maarof Bangsar. Across Dataran Maybank,before the Indian temple. Follow the colorful spinning wheels on the “pagar”!