Tony Roma’s Summer Retreat Promotion (27th Jul – 6th Sep ’15)

Summer is all about sunny, beaches, heat, ice cream, colours and joys. From 27th July 2015 till 6th September 2015, Tony Roma’s brings that vibe right to the the guests’ tables with Summer Retreat Promotion, serving four promotional main dishes – Barbeque Combo combining Beef Ribs, White Barbecue Chicken and Lamb Sausage; Cajun Spiced Onion Loaf; Honey Lime Shrimp Salad, and dessert Seasonal Cobbler to complete! Not to forget the thirst-quenching fruit smoothies!

Barbeque Trio RM74.09
A visit to Tony Roma’s is incomplete without ordering their all-time-favourite beef ribs, same goes to the promotion. Barbeque Trio put together 2 beef ribs, Sweet Black Pepper BBQ Sauce, 1/4 white BBQ chicken with White BBQ Sauce, 1 Lamb Sausage, Mustard Sauce, French Fries, and Coleslaw. Portion is good enough for 2.

Cajun Spiced Onion Loaf RM14.73
Get a twist from Tony Roma’s most iconic appetizer Onion Loaf as it is flavoured up with Cajun spices, introducing spicy-salty taste into this breaded, deep fried Spanish onions loaf. Served with Siracha ranch sauce.

White Barbeque Chicken RM32.75
Juicy, half chicken basted with White BBQ Sauce. Served with French fries and coleslaw. In conjunction with the Summer Retreat Promotion, Tony Roma’s allows diners to have a choice of Cajun Spiced French Fries with these dishes. But you can just go ahead with the original French fries to stay classic. Both are good we will say.

Honey Lime Shrimp Salad RM31.69
Colourful Asian salad mix, tossing together grilled shrimp, honey tomato, mango, avocado, tortilla strips, feta cheese, tomatoes, green lettuce with honey lime dressing, garnished with chopped cilantro. Shrimps fall on the salty side, but enjoy it together with the salad to get a balance flavours in whole. We like the sweetness of mango, crispiness of tortilla strips that come in distinct within munch.

Round up your meal in Tony Roma’s with Seasonal Cobbler as dessert treat- A scoop of ice cream on top of sweet cinnamon crust, further layered with warm red apple, pear and crabberry beneath. Sharing-worthy hot and cold combination.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl