Bowery Petit @ TTDI KL: 22″ New York Pizza. Pastries. Coffee

Bowery Petit at TTDI KL is a New York City-inspired cafe run by the folks behind The Bowery Group Co. , serving up a wide range of delicious-looking patisserie, pizza, breads, bagels, frozen custard and more in a casual dining environment. We visited Bowery Petit on one Sunday afternoon, and immediately get caught away with the long stretch of baking goodness once pushing the door in.

Begin with muffins, cupcakes, brownies, macarons and cakes, followed by delectable danish, scones, croissant, sweet cream pie and cinnamon roll.  Passed the coffee counter and walked in further, wide slices of 22″ round Bowery Petit ‘s New York pizzas came in sight, alongside with savoury pies and quiche. Each items seemed promising, we had a hard time deciding which to choose. Finally settled down for pizza, danish and coffee.

Bowery Petit goes on semi self-service concept, where you order & pay at the front counter, then wait for food to be served. Hence, nothing exceptionally good to praise for in term of service, just general in whole. Take your own cutleries, tissues, plain water and Tobasco sauce from the table near to pizza counter.

Indoor and outdoor seating are available but we like the outdoor area more, due to the seating arrangement. There’s only one row of indoor seats in Bowery Petit, putting together connected customized sofa and tables for 2 persons, which can be joined or detached depends on numbers of diners. No corner tables, less privacy, people seating next to you can easily overheard your conversation, and watch you eating. However, with the scorching hot weather of Malaysia recently, these excuses are all thrown behind. We just sneaked into the air-conditioned area for more a comfortable lunch.

Bowery Torch BBQ Beef Pizza RM15.80
One of the friendlier staffs recommended us Bowery Torch BBQ Beef Pizza, telling that it is one of the best- seller in Bowery Petit. Not too bad though. New York-style thick pizza crust smothered with tangy sweet BBQ sauce made in-house, topped with slow-roasted Bowery beef ribs, olives, finished with cheese that melted down graciously onto the dough as baking heat clocked in.

Each slice of pizza priced from RM10.80 to RM15.80, and can up to about RM100 for whole pizza. Expensive? Hmm, still acceptable considering its bigger-than-your-face 22″ size. Just bring a big appetite and indulge in Margherita Pizza with Fresh Herlooom tomatoes & Basil, Beef Pepperone Pizza with Classic Tomato Sauce, Mediterranean Pizza with Mediterranean Vege & Fresh Basil, Napoli Pizza with Chicken Prosciutto, Roasted Peppers, Artichoke Hearts, & House Tzatziki or any other pizzas available on your visit.

Bowery Petit Boston Cream Pie RM6.80

Despite its name, the Boston Cream Pie is more like a cronut to us. Crispy at the edges, throwing contrasting texture to the layers at the centre. Pumped with cream fillings, complete with chocolate glaze at the top, further garnished with crushed nuts. While we enjoyed the crispy exterior and chocolate topping, the layers, however, was way too oily for our liking.

For those who come by for afternoon tea and would like some sweet treat, check out the dessert counter brimming with colourful macarons, meringue lime pie, rocky road brownies, caramel popcorn chocolate brownies, Samoa Coconut Cream Sweet Pie, Tiramisu, White Chocolate Cheese Cake, Stout Chocolate Cake and the most photogenic dessert in Bowery Petit- the cupcake-in-ice-cream sundae cone Dulce De Leche Sundae.

Cappuccino RM10.80

For coffee, Bowery Petit uses Pitch Blend from Australia Blacklist Coffee Rosters, a blend that has 50% Brazil Serra Doce and 50% Panama Don Pepe Caturra. Specially designed for milk-based drink to deliver chocolate nuttiness with full body, creamy mouthful. Taste a little burnt to the palate.

Comments: Bowery Petit 22 inches pizza can easily be their highlights, Dulce De Leche Sundae cupcake-in-sundae-cone is a potential grab to take pictures with. Patrons who love rich and creamy latte, cappuccino or coffee in white will like their coffee. Normal service, cozy environment. Some compare Bowery KL with Der Backmeister (The Bakemaster TTDI) few doors away. Just, seeing that one is German Bakery while another is American gourmet, we’re not going to comment them on par with each other. Which one is better, it’s up to your personal preference.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Bowery Petit KL by The Bowery Group Co.
No. 48, Ground floor,
Persiaran Zaaba,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI),
6000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603 – 77100295
Opening Hours: 11AM – 11PM