Mr Fish Fishhead Noodle 鱼鲜生鱼头米粉 @ Damansara Kim, PJ

Mr Fish Fishhead Noodle at Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya is prides for their fish head noodles made using only fresh & natural ingredients, no MSG, just the best flavours inherited from family’s home recipe. The restaurant used to be the location for Grinder Cafe, same row with Euro Deli Restaurant and Kim Wah Kopitiam famous for Robert Char Koay Teow.

Menu is pretty straight forward with a list of fish head noodles/porridge, as well as set lunch and set dinner to cater office crowd and neighbourhood nearby. However, as we looked up to the chalk board hanging over the kitchen counter, something interesting was spotted – Mr Fishhead Noodle serves a few Teo Chew favourites too.

Teochew Braised Duck 滷鴨 RM17.90/quater, RM35.90/half

When we asked further, we were told that lady owner of Mr Fish Head Noodles came from a Teochew family, specialities here are from her household recipe, with a touch of modifications to cater general tastebuds. Braised duck lovers, you gotta get hooked with these Teochew Braised Duck, traditional comfort food that put together braised duck, halved egg, tofu, laced with a ladle of delicious braise sauce.

Teochew Snack Yam Fritters 廣章 RM5.90/5 pieces

Teochew Yam Fritters is a must-try here, as it is now rarely available in many restaurants nowadays. While Summerkid found it just alright, Summergirl on the other hand enjoyed this a lot. She said it is like vegetarian side of “loh bak”, as the coarsely chopped yam calls for a similar texture with minced pork in loh bak. The yam fritters delivers lot of chews, subtle sweetness and aroma of five spices.

Crispy Prawn Cake 蝦煎 RM5.90/3pcs, RM8.90/5pcs

This is good, each of us had few pieces. Believe both adult and children will like it. Crispy at the outer edge, chewy at the center but not just pure batter. Mini shrimps laid on top introduce crunchiness in different dimensions, added with umami sweetness and mild saltiness.

Teochew Curry Laksa RM7.90/small, RM9.90/large

Noodles immersed in red hot curry, topped with fish cake, tau pok, long beans and bean sprouts. Moderately spiciness, richness, creaminess, better if it could pack with more spicy oomph. Despite so, still not to bad to try out if you are craving for a bowl of curry mee during your visit to Mr Fish Fish head Noodle.

Deep Fried Barramundi (Siakap) Fish Fillet Fish Head Mee Hoon/Porridge 香炸石甲魚頭米粉/米粥RM11.90/small, MR13.90/large

The broth tasted thin at the first sip but as we continued to drink on, aroma of milk and sweet essence of broth started to develop in the palate. One spoonful of noodles and one spoonful of soup, one bite of soft fish fillet, followed with tangy munch of preserved vegetable, tomato slices in between. Each ingredient comes to a good match. Empty the entire bowl of broth if you wish to. Don’t worry, you won’t feeling thirsty after that.

Deep Fried Fish Fillet Mee Hoon/Porridge 香炸魚片米粉/米粥 RM12.90/small, RM14.90/large

Diners can opt for thin mee hoon or thick mee hoon. Thin mee hoon is the normal vermicelli we had in most local Chinese kopitiams while for thick mee hoon, the diameter is also like spaghetti, with very minor radius difference. Separately, Mr Fish Fishhead Noodle mentioned that if you wished to have the soup to be more sour, or with heavier taste of Chinese rice wine, just let the staff know. They are more than welcome to fulfill your liking.

Spicy & Sour Fish Fillet

Thinly sliced fish fillet served over a bed of appetizing sauce layered with sharp sourness. One can easily finish a bowl of rice with this dish. Side note to diners who can’t really take spicy food: the sauce is rather tongue-numbing. So try a little first before dousing your rice with it.

Fish Maw & Fish Paste Soup

Roast Quater Chicken with Rice RM13.90

Roasted chicken was unexpectedly good, crispy skin jacketing moist, tender meat. Have it along with special chicken rice chilli sauce proudly made from Mr Fish Fishhead Noodle kitchen, daily.

Fruit Rojak RM4/small, RM6.50/large

End the meal with Fruit Rojak as dessert, a popular Malaysia street food that tossing fresh fruits with rojak sauce specially made in house.

Mr Fish Fishhead Noodle 鱼鲜生鱼头米粉
45, Jalan SS 20/11,
Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
(Same row with EuroDeli and Restoran Kim Wah)
Contact: 012 – 6029878
Opening Hours: 10:30–15:30, 17:30–21:30 (closed on tuesdays)