Way Modern Chinois @ Clearwater, Damansara Heights KL

Way Modern Chinois at WORK@Clearwater, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur is certainly a Chinese cuisine restaurant that lives up to its name, right from its entrance. Sharing same premise with popular PLOY restaurant, we’ve heard a lot about Way Modern Chinois since its opening and last two weeks, we finally had the chance to sample some of their new dim sum series.

To reach, at the lobby level of Clearwater, press lift button that shows “Way Modern Chinois”. Walk in once the door opened and in the next second, you are already in the restaurant. The lift is the entrance, the entrance is the lift. Cool huh. As said, Way Modern Chinois is unique in its own way, even the entrance.

Not an extraordinary spacious restaurant, but their exquisite decor, cutting-edge design definitely get the plus points. Modern contemporary in whole, putting together wooden furnishing with darker colour theme, mostly grey-brown. Hue yellow lightly, neatly arranged dining wares, eye-catchy huge potted flowers at the center table, shiny touch from pillows at corners for glamorous finish.

Crab Roe Dumpling RM19
Expect lunch dim sum here to call for its own way, with brilliant use of colours, ingredients and art to result in presentable, delicious food. Skinless Xiao Long Bao, Crispy Beancurd Cheese Skin Roll, Truffle Crab Soup Dumpling, Seafood Curry Nest and  Crispy Dumpling with Wasabi Mayo are some of our favourites.

Skinless Xiao Long Bao RM6
Have your Xiao Long Bao the brand new style at Way Modern Chinois – Skinless. No more lifting up the xiao long bao in paper thin skin, add some ginger and dip in vinegar. Appears in sphere, the skin is replaced with transparent film enveloping the broth and minced meat, topped with foamy ginger + vinegar dip. Bite through and enjoy bursts of flavours in one go.

Crispy Dumpling with Wasabi Mayo RM15(4pcs)
One of our favourites from Way Modern Chinois dim sum menu. Chicken and chives stuffed in spring roll into wanton shape, deep fried to golden brown and laid on dollop of wasabi mayo that delivers a spicy, pungent twist.

Crispy Beancurd Skin Roll RM17
Also a deep fried item, but lighter in crispiness compared to Crispy Dumpling Wasabi Mayo. Thin tofu milk skin, wrapping cheesy, gooey melted cheese as filling.

Corriander Char Siew Bao RM9 (2 pcs)
Char Siew Bao, the most classic selection on a dim sum treat, always the must-have no matter where we go for dim sum. Way Modern Chinois version is pork free, filled with saucy chicken chunks, and faint hint of coriander from the bun.

Lotus Leaf Steam Sticky Rice with Duck RM10

Fish and Chips RM16 (3pcs)
Named fish and chips, but doesn’t look like at all. No trace of fish, or chips when it is served to us. Till we munch on this hash brown like squarish dim sum, we nodded with approval. Yea, it is fish and chips, just constructed in Way Modern Chinois style. Sea perch surrounded by mashed potato in the same piece, deep fried to crispy outside, mellow soft within. Good but would be better if mashed potato could be lessen to highlight more of the fish texture.

Sticky Rice Lamb Siew Mai RM19 (3pcs)
For diners who love lamb, and enjoy gaminess of lamb as much as Summerkid do, this Lamb Siew Mai wrapped with sticky glutinous rice is your must-have.

Truffle Crab Soup Dumpling RM14 (4pcs)

Don’t judge the “dumpling” by its colour. It tasted much better that its look. Paper thin, black colour outer layer, holding thick, flavourful broth intensed with umami sweetness of crab, a little bit of truffle earthiness to entice.

Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Original Spice Paste RM10
Hong Kong Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun or Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun sounds too ordinary to you, try Wok Fried Cheong Fun with Original Spice Paste. Housemade steamed rice milk rolls, handsomely coated with spicy XO sauce, added with bites from chopped dried shrimps.

Seafood Curry Nest RM13 (3pcs)
3 sizeable wu kok like dim sum with appealing airy crisp outer layer, jacketing moist, creamy potato beneath. Tuck in further, we have rich, sweet curry oozing out from the center, along with prawns and scallops. The curry falls on a mild side, even kids can have this dish.

Crab Claw Dumpling RM15

Prawn Dumpling with XO Sauce RM16

Pleasing bright orange skin, bite-size prawn dumpling generously filled with fresh bouncy prawns. Better if the saltiness could be less overwhelm.

Comments: Way Modern Chinois is A good Chinese restaurant within Damansara Heights KL area to have medium-high range dim sum. Food may be hits and misses, but the premium quality, creativity and presentation counts.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Way Modern Chinois Chinese Restaurant
G-1, WORK@Clearwater,
Jalan Changkat Semantan,
50490 Damansara Heights,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 03 – 2095 1118
Business Hours:
Mon-Sat: 12:00–15:00; 18:00–22:30
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waymodernchinois/
Website: http://way.com.my/