ParaThai Authentic Thai Cuisine @ Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA

Promise to always delight customers by “Creating New Dimensions of Dining Pleasure” for its patrons, Paradise Group Malaysia opens its first Thai restaurant, ParaThai at the first Mitsui Outlet Park in KLIA Malaysia, offering authentic and quality Thai dishes.

Witnessing an increasing growth in the popularity of Thai foodfare among Malaysians, this new concept aims to fulfil foodies’ continual search for true, authentic Thai flavours, as well as bringing to them an exceptional Thai dining experience. “I have always appreciated Thai cuisine for the strong use of spices and herbs for the distinct flavours, hence the decision to launch ParaThai,” says Elyna Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Paradise Group Malaysia.

Modern artistic dining ambience

Unlike the usual Thai restaurants, ParaThai’s interior décor is inspired by the young budding artists, as well as the sprouting and ever growing art scene of the vibrant city, Bangkok. Using raw materials of timbers and concrete as the background, along with a display of art pieces from pottery to paintings and photography, stepping into ParaThai is akin to a walk into a modern art gallery. Coupled with a team of warm and friendly staff who plays up the renowned Thai hospitality, ParaThai treats guests to a complete Thai experience very much like taking a trip to Thailand itself.

Extensive menu of authentic Thai cuisine
With a comprehensive menu of over 80 halal true-blue authentic Thai dishes, decked by Chef Bunmee Chanthima and his team, diners can expect to indulge in the intensity of the spices and fragrance of fresh herbs laced and lavished in each dish at ParaThai. Staying true to the culinary culture and ancient flavours, the experienced team of Thailand home-grown chefs hopes to capture the essence of the cuisine by using original recipes and fresh premium ingredients. The extensive all-day menu starts from interesting small bites and appetising salads, before moving on to the heavy weight contenders like soups, curries, seafood and poultries.

Highlights from the menu

Mango Salad with Crispy Cat Fish (Yum Pla Dook Foo)
Natural sweetness and sourness of the mango salad with crisp-fried cat fish to open up your appetite for more good food!

Traditional Thai Betel Leaves with 7 Condiments and Thai Shrimp Paste (Mieng Kam)
A traditional Thai appetiser using fresh Betel leaves to wrap 7 condiments and Thai shrimp paste that will give you a refreshing taste. The harmonious flavours of the Betel leaves, 7 condiments and Thai Shrimp paste are sure to let you ask for more.


Fire Pot Tom Yum with Ming Prawns (choice of clear / red soup base) (Tom Yam Goong)
A famous dish that is highly embraced by fellow Malaysians! At ParaThai, diners are able to enjoy piping hot Tom Yum soup served in a fire pot.

Traditional Thai Green Curry Chicken (Geang Keow Wan Gai)
Creamy Thai green curry that is gentle to your taste buds. The creamy curry goes very well with white rice and you’ll finish it within no time.

Sizzling Thai BBQ Australian Beef served with Homemade Sauce (Weeping Tiger) (Suer Rong Hai)
A traditional Thai dish that has an interesting story! There were different versions of how the dish was named Weeping Tiger, one of them was human discover this beef that was so delicious and they killed all cows to enjoy this dish. Hence, there was no more beef for the tiger to feed on and the tiger wept loudly.

Baked Ming Prawns with Glass Noodles in Claypot (Goong Ob Won San)
The tangy glass noodles which fully absorb the flavours of the fresh Ming Prawns will definitely make you crave for more.

Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chilli Sauce (Pla Ka Phong Naung Ma Nao)
Fresh seabass along with sauce that is spicy and sour is highly addictive that you can hardly stop enjoying!

Thai Style Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns (Kaow Phad Sapparod Goong)
Adequate amount of pineapple juice is added to provide a natural flavour of pineapple in the fried rice and served in a carved-out Pineapple just like how they do in Thailand.


Red Ruby served with Jackfruit and Coconut Milk (Tab Tim Krob)
A sweet ending to your perfect meal, the crunchy taste of Red Ruby that goes well with the sweetness of Jackfruit and creamy Coconut Milk

Lot F56, First Floor,
Mitsui Outlet Park,
KLIA, Sepang.
Contact no: +603 – 8660 2016
Business Hours:
Mon – Friday (11.00am – 10.00pm)
Saturday – Sunday (10.30am – 10.00pm)