Steaks & Lobsters @ Desa Sri Hartamas KL: Steak! Lobster!

Steaks & Lobsters at Desa Sri Hartamas KL (*located beside Toridoki Japanese Yakitori) , come here for lobsters and steaks, stay for appetizers and milkshake. We’ve been hearing a lot about Steaks & Lobsters since it’s opened, saying that the restaurant serves exceptionally juicy and meaty Boston lobster. Finally paid them a visit for dinner last week, and glad that everything tasted really good.

With a restaurant name that has clearly delivered the highlighted dishes, we initially expect to see only steaks and lobsters cooked in various ways on Steaks & Lobster ‘s menu. As we browsed through the menu, surprisingly, food selections are wide enough for everyone, from nachos to baked escargots, bruschetta to salad, sandwich to burgers, poultry to catch from the sea, desserts to milkshakes. We were told that this is just Steaks & Lobsters introductory menu, and they would be new menu (*more choices too) in near future after taking feedbacks and comments from customers.

Nothing much to shout about for the interior, just simple wooden furnishings complemented by dim yellow lights, wall colours in the similar shade to form a cozy, relaxed dining environment. Doesn’t really matter, as long as food are delicious. Asides, there might be hits and misses in the service since the restaurant has just recruited a new batch of staffs. They are helpful and attentive, just need more training.  Therefore, please be patient and give them time.

Complimentary bread
A basket of fluffy soft bread were served while waiting for food to arrive. We loved the cinnamon butter spread, proudly made in-house. Truly appreciate the effort of Steaks & Lobster in taking high concern on freshness in each ingredients, even for tiny little sides. In fact, all sauces that come along with your dish are all prepared by the kitchen, fresh, daily. No bottled sauces are used (*except the Heinz chilli and tomato sauces on the table for your fries).

Crispy Hot BBQ Chicken Wings RM25
Like Buffalo Chicken Wings? Try this. Steaks & Lobsters Crispy Hot BBQ Chicken Wings are better than that. 4 winglets and 4 drumlets deep fried to golden brown, thickly coated with Signature Spicy BBQ Sauce. Fiery hot, with faint hint of sweetness. Highly recommended.

Garlic Escargot V2.0 (6pcs) RM18
Steaks & Lobsters improved version of Garlic Escargot, putting together unshelled fresh garden snails, chopped roasted garlic and raw garlic in a bed of creamy cheese sauce. Baked and served with charcoal bread slices.

Fried Portabella Fries (6 pcs) RM19
Battered portabella mushrooms drizzled with Smoky Sriracha Aioli, our favourite appetizer. Crispy but not oily, locked with natural juiciness of mushroom within. Other starters include Toasted Ranch Nachos with Homemade Dipping Sauce (RM19), Lobster & Crab Cakes (RM28), Jumbo Mozzarella Sticks (RM18), Onion Rings, Lamb Steak & Garlic Cheese Bruschetta (RM22), etc..

Premium New Zealand Lamb Leg Steak RM450gm RM47
1.5″ bone in lamb leg marinated with Steaks & Lobsters secret blend of spice, grilled to perfection. Thick, meaty, lightly packed with gaminess. Comes with green salad, french fries, coleslaw and potato salad. Quite a hearty platter that fits big eater’s big appetite.

Beef lovers  can happily indulge in grass-fed, Angus or Wagyu beef from Australia in Steaks & Lobsters. Rib-eye, sirloin, tenderloin, T-bone, choose your parts. The restaurant uses wet-aged method, a beef aging process which has beef placed in vacuum-sealed bag for aging instead of hung-to-dry. This helps to retain moisture of the meat better than dry-aged.

Signature Smoked Supreme Chicken RM27
Not into beef steaks like Summergirl? No worries. Steaks & Lobsters hears you. Enjoy Peri-peri Charbroiled Boneless Chicken Leg, Norwegian Salmon Steak, London Cod & Chips, Aglio Olio pasta, Smoked Chicken BLT Burger, Southern Fried Chicken Chop. Smoked Creamy Red Salmon Pasta and many more other more on their main courses list.

Grilled Boston Lobster

The must-have, much-awaited lobsters! We had half portion of Boston Lobster grilled, and the other half steamed. Price for lobsters in Steaks & Lobsters goes by half/one whole, each with minimum weigh of 550gm – 650gm. Get them cooked in char-boiled,  grilled, steamed or tossed in pasta.

If you were lucky enough, there will be bigger lobsters sometimes as their Daily Special Menu, where each lobster can weigh up to 1KG. Just add another RM20 per lobster (*if not mistaken) for a more satisfying, ultimate lobster feast.

Steamed Boston Lobster

Grilled to slightly charred at the edges, our Grilled Boston Lobster is flavourful, heaped with umami sweetness and fresh bounciness. Steamed Boston Lobster on the other hand, is juicier than the former, moderately infused with saltiness from the ocean.

No salt is added. Both are equally tasty but personally, we prefer the grilled version more, as we like the light burnt aroma which adds flavours to the entire dish.

Sizzling Brownies & Ice Cream RM22
Round up our wonderful meal with Sizzling Brownies & Ice Cream as dessert. Chunks of rich, chocolaty brownies topped with vanilla ice cream, garnished with chunky buttered walnuts and sizzled with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and fresh cream. Sweet, but just nice as after so many savoury dishes.

Avocado Milk-Quakes, Duck Bacon Milkshake RM17.90

Spotted the Duck Bacon Milkshake and tried it out. (*yes, duck bacon. Experimented and made by Steaks & Lobsters, woohoo!). Our top favourite too. A sweet and savoury concoction, smooth in every sip. Next, Avocado Milkshakes. Extremely thick, rich and heavy, blended with only real avocado. Let the milkshakes settled down a bit, it will turn more liquidity, easier to drink.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Steaks & Lobsters
(Beside Tori-Doki Japanese Yakitori, one street across Naughty Nuri)
42, Jalan 24/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours; 5PM to 12AM (closed on Mondays)
Contact: 012-743 7167