Walnut Cafe & Bar @ PFCC, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Has been hearing a lot about Walnut Cafe at PFCC, Bandar Puteri Puchong recently. Browsed through few blogs and decided to spend some time driving over after getting convinced with reviews that are mostly positive. Sadly to say, our experience at Walnut Cafe was just mediocre.

Walnut Cafe is located diagonally opposite to Puchong Old Town White Coffee, within the new PFCC (Puchong Financial Corporate Centre) that houses Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, same row with Miss Coffee & Toast. Pray for your luck to get a parking space at this busy street. Else, save the time, just park in the building. Ample of parkings available. We paid RM3 per entry for Saturday. Worth or not? You judge.

It was a busy afternoon for Walnut Cafe. Almost full house indoor, empty for outdoors (thanks to the haze). Ceiling-to-floor glass window lined with dark frames and high ceiling with dining areas sectioned into two floors, grey floor tiles, wooden furnishing with steel support, colorful motif at the center of cafe, laid with staircases that lead you to upper floor. Bold interior, but not the best comparing to some other cafes we have visited. Besides, Walnut Cafe takes pride on their tables, where each piece is made from durable, high quality, strong wood, specially designed to have different texture and available for sale.

Signature Lemongrass White Tea RM15.90

Still full from our dim sum lunch, we ordered only Signature Lemongrass White Tea and Cappuccino. Signature Lemongrass White Tea successfully lives up to its name for being the most popular drink in Walnut Cafe, as we saw an order of this at each table. Despite so, to be honest, it is just very classic lemongrass drink, pretty similar to those you get in a Thai restaurant. What makes it special would be the creative serving style – filling the drink in adorable mini beer barrel. One will easily get carried away with the presentation and have an order. Gimmick.

Cappuccino RM10.80
It took them almost an hour for the cappuccino to arrive. They first brought us a hot chocolate after half an hour. When we told them we ordered hot cappuccino and not hot chocolate, staff got stunned. So we repeated few times “I ordered cappuccino”, then only he took away the drink, but never came back. We reminded the staff again and finally, the right order came.

Apart from coffee, tea, juices and beer, Walnut Cafe has a complete menu with selections sufficient to cater your brunch, lunch, dinner and supper. Savoury starters, soup, pasta, pizza and cakes are all reasonably priced.

In short, Walnut Cafe fits in well to serve guests from Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and residents living nearby. Cozy but nothing much special. Staffs are attentive to some customers but they can’t seem to cover all customers. Our Signature Lemongrass White Tea didn’t arrive but those who came later than us are already served with the drink. Only came after we reminded them. Second beverage took forever to come. It took them quite long to serve our cappuccino too. No comments on food as we didn’t try any. Asking if we would return, probably not, as they are more better cafes in KL and PJ that we can cover.

Photography: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Walnut Cafe & Bar
G-10, Ground Floor,
Tower 4&5, PFCC,
Jalan Puteri 1/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact no: +603 – 80526607
Opening Hours: 11AM- 1AM Mon-Sun
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/walnutcafepuchong

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  • It is my first time visit to the Walnut Cafe Puchong. I took a day off, finish my tasks and took a tea-break at 5pm today ( 11/12/2015). Its a heavy rain and there's no where else I can go.

    I was holding my most favourite umbrella, RED, WHITE & BLACK and enter the Walnut Cafe. I parked my umbrella at the umbrella stand with other umbrellas as well, and without wetting the Cafe.

    After 1 hour later, The rains stopped. I pay at the cashier and was about the step out of the Cafe, I look at the umbrella stand, my umbrella already not there.

    I talked to the friendly cashier about my umbrella was lost. He note down my number and says if the customer returning the umbrella, they will contact me.
    And that's all.

    So I waited for half an hour in the Walnut Cafe hoping it will returned back. But seems failed. I was looking outside facing at the Main Door Glass Panel, there's 1 umbrella almost the same colours as mine, RED and SILVER. I believe it has been exchanged by purpose by the customer when they had left.

    Well, not a good day for me today. I really hopes my UMBRELLA will be returned back to the Walnut Cafe Puchong soonest possible.

    The moral of this story, never left your umbrella in the cafe or the umbrella stand, take it with you even it will wet the floor. Prevention is the best solution.