Brolly @ Menara Felda, KLCC : Crab Factory 2nd Outlet and More!

Brolly at Menara FELDA , Platinum Park KL – a new, noteworthy eatery to feast your eyes and tummy.

Our first date with SS2 Crab Factory was memorable, and we have wanted to go back for quite some time already but due to heavy traffic after office hours during weekday, the plan for this seafood meal is always on pending. We are overjoyed when we come to know that Crab Factory has finally opened a second outlet in KL recently at a place called Brolly. What’s better is it is very near to our home, just along Persiaran KLCC KL!

We made a visit there last Tuesday, only to realize that apart from Crab Factory, there are 8 more restaurants under the same “umbrella” (roof). That’s also how Brolly gets her name, as Brolly means umbrella. The 9 umbrellas illustration on their menu makes more sense now.  Moley’s Oyster Bar, Crab Factory, Ember & Bara BBQ, Raksaksa Mirai, Nove 9, My Wing Man, Vari.EAT.y, and Sweet Endings – each of them carry a role to satisfy your palate.

Brolly ‘s interior is not towards grandeur, but thoughtfully designed to showcase different themes. Car workshop with ample of knick-knacks takes up one of the significant part, completed with bright-red wall filled with gramophone discs for 80s rock n’ roll touch; Victorian style sofa with low-height coffee table; as well as modern contemporary high tables and chairs to fit the latest bar scene.

A lot of cheerful, vibrant, photography-worthy details to discover, even the basin is exceptionally cool. Yes, believe us, it is that unique.

Spot the overturned car on the ceiling.

Say Hi to Bang Bang Baller Bar. Don’t just take photos with the bus. Get your drinks here!

Crab 2 pieces, Southern Bang Sauce in Medium Spiciness

Coming back to food, dishes from Crab Factory is a must order. Concept is the same as Crab Factory SS2, where you pick seafood of your choice – crab, lobster, prawns, mussels, scallops, Japanese snails, baby octopus; paired with beg buddies – mushrooms, potatoes, corns or sausages; sauces to tossed with – Zesty Lemon, Garlic Butter, Jamba-Jamba, Southern Bang ; spiciness level of – mild, medium, oly crab and death valley. Done! Wear your apron if you wished to, and be ready to get your hands dirty with finger-licking good Louisiana Boil seafood.

500g Prawns, Jamba Sauce in Medium Spiciness

We’re very much the-chili-persons. Hence leaving Brolly without ordering Crab Factory seafood tossed in Jamba Sauce and Southern Bang Sauce are so-not-us. Keep the level as Medium to avoid getting tongue-numbing and loose all the senses in enjoying natural flavours of prawns and crabs.

Had an order of Prawns in Lemon Zesty too, to balance up the fiery kick with a sourish twist.

Since there are so many restaurants in Brolly, we covered few other dishes – Meat Crab Sambal, Onion Flower, Chicken Softbone, Short Ribs Soup for Vari.EAT.Y, Lambogarlic Pizza from Nove 9 Pizzeria, Combi Oysters from Moley’s Bar, Ribeye Steak from Ember & Bara BBQ, and desserts from Sweet Endings.

Au Natural Oysters from Moley’s Oyster Bar RM120/dozen

Always love oysters in their freshest state, what’s more is Brolly offers Fine de Claire No. 2 with best price in town for such size, just RM12 each. They are flown in fresh from France, with pleasing concoction of ocean saltiness and oyster’ s natural sweetness. Kelly’s Gigas Oysters No. 4 is not shadowed too, prides for its clean, well-rounded taste and texture. They are cultivated in a farm on a small inlet of Galway Bay, Ireland.

Chilled Beef Ribeye from Ember & Bara BBQ RM60/pax

As its name implies, Ember & Bara BBQ delivers plates of BBQ meat packed with smoky goodness, brushed with traditional Western or Asian influenced sauces. Diners first choose their meat or seafood – Sirloin (RM34/pax), Baby Backribs (RM70/pax), Chilled Ribeye (RM60/pax), Chilled Tenderloin (RM70/pax), lamb shortloin (RM80/pax) , Frenched Lamb Rack (RM120/pax), Baby Octopus (RM23), Prawns (RM25), Meat Crab (RM65), Fish of the Day (RM35-RM50); then pick your choice of meat sauces – Old Fashion BBQ Coffee, Old Fashion Spicy Chocolate, Tarty Tropicana, or Classic Chamalla; or seafood sauces – E&B Sambal, Tomato Tngo, Kungfu- Kungpo, Fragrant Tamarind Coconut.

Meat Crab with E&B Sambal Sauce from Ember & Bara BBQ RM65

Local Asian style crab in a hipster restaurant? Errmm…didn’t really expect this before stepping into Brolly, but who cares? As long as the food is delicious. Sauce is the plus points. Too bad Brolly doesn’t offer rice during dinner time, else we would have polished clean the sambal gravy with a big bowl of white rice.

Lambogarlic Pizza from Nove 9 Pizzeria RM26

Oh well, we are not that rich to ride on a Lamborghini but we can still manage a Lambogarlic Pizza from Nove 9 Pizzeria, reasonably priced at RM26. Portion is good enough to feed two. 9 flavours to savour, therefore 9 reasons not to skip lunch. With such a decent pizza, we will not skip lunch and dinner for this. LOL. Hawaiian Pizza, Mixed Mushroom Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Seafood Matriciana Pizza, Smoked Salmon Pizza, Quattro Formaggi Four Cheese Pizza,  and Thai Beef Guava Salad Pizza are on the list too. All not more than RM30. Spoted Miloreo (Milo crust + crushed Oreo topping Sweet Pizza), what do you think?

Chicken Softbone Skewers from Vari.EAT.y RM9/3 sticks

Skip My Wing Man, a station focuses on various types of sauce-coated oatmeal fried chicken wings, from the more popular Spicy Korean Bean Paste to interesting Cencaluk Chicken Wings, Japanese Curry Chicken Wings and Peppery Brown Sauce Chicken Wings. Moved on to Vari.EAT.y, a place which is all about nibble, nibble and more nibble food, mostly inspired from China street skewers. We were introduced with Grilled Chicken Softbone Skewers, something worth trying but not a “everybody loves it” skewer compared to the more common Smoked Duck Breast, Tiger Prawns, Chicken Thigh, Striploin Beef and Lamb Shoulder.

Short Ribs Soup from Vari.EAT.y RM35

Didn’t really pay much attention to the Short Ribs Soup initially but to our surprise, the Australian beef short ribs earned our liking at the very first bite, mellow soft, richly absorbed with moisture. Soup is nourishing, but do consume while it is hot for best taste.

Onion Flower from Vari.EAT.y RM18

Huge Australian onion cut into flower-shape, battered and deep fried to golden brown. Definitely meant to be shared, great with a pint of beer. Else, having all to yourself will make you feel like you are taking forever to finish it. Goes well with brown sauce, not bottled chilli sauce.

Rocky Road, Honey Yougurt, Chunky Peanut Butter Granola from Sweet Ending RM16 each

End the meal with something sweet, dessert is a must, get them filled in jar glass. Tiramisu and Creme Brulee general; Rocky Road is interesting for its chewy, sticky texture made up from marshmallow and milk chocolate; Peanut Butter Granola on the other hand, throws in Chinese-style caramel peanut cookie bars crunchiness while for Honey Yogurt, obviously, a more healthy choice that you can even have it for breakfast.

Grilled Green Pear Parcel from Sweet Ending RM16
Grilled Green Pear Parcel is by far our favourite dessert in Brolly. Juicy sweet and soft, better if could garnished with biscuit crumble.

Comments: Our favourite restaurant at Brolly is still Crab Factory Seafood Louisiana Boil. Despite so, we’re yet to check out more other food as there are too much to fit in at one time. For this time, Australian Beef Ribs Soup gets highest votes from us. The only downside is rice from Raksasa is available only for lunch till 4PM. Perhaps we’ll get our colleagues along to check them out at Brolly during lunch time.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up : Summerkid

Brolly Restaurant & Bar
Menara FELDA, Platinum Park,
No 11, Persiaran KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: 11AM – 11PM
Contact: 03 – 2181 4122