ITALGELato Gelato & Sorbet Ice Cream @ RW Genting Highlands

RW Genting Malaysia proudly introduces ITAGELato, the establishment’s very own brand which specializes in gelato & sorbert freshly made in house. Available only in Genting First World Lobby area, Horizon 50 and Hou Mei Restaurant.

At ITALGELato Genting, there are more than 20 flavours of gelato, sorbet and yougurt-base gelato, covering from the more general and popular choices like Gelato Vaniglia (Vanilla), Gelato Straciatella (Cream & Chocolate), Gelato Cioccolato Fondente (Dark Chocolate), Gelato Nocciola (Hazulnet)…

…to interesting selections such as Gelato Tiramisu, Gelato Red Velvet, Gelato Black Forest, Gelato Arancia Cheese Cake (Orange Cheese Cake), and Gelato Rocher.

Guests who love a touch of fruitiness in their frozen dessert can choose to have Sorbertto alla Mango (Mango Sorbet), Sorbertto alla Lampone (Raspberry Sorbert), Sorbetto alla Fragola (Strawberry Sorbert), Sorbetto all Arancia Rossa (Blood Orange Sorbet) and Sorbetto alla Limone (Lemon Sorbert).

Since we always enjoy mango-infused dessert, ITALGELato Mango Sorbert easily won our heart. Tropical sweetness with smooth creaminess to please. For Gelato, still, we pick the most classic flavour- Dark Chocolate as our favourite. Love the chocolaty sensation, accompanied by pale bitterness.

Besides gelato and sorbet, ITALGELato also offers Stick ice cream and Minou golf-ball size round ice cream. Have them in original, or add more bites to your ice cream by coating it with Gianduja, Lemon, Hazelnut, Pistachio and strawberry.

Gelato/Sorbet is priced at RM9.50 per 100g; RM10 for small scone with 1 flavour; RM20 for medium scone with 2 flavours. Spot those mini size scone, so adorable! Suggest to order them for sharing so that you get to taste more flavours!

We used to sip on Starbucks Green Tea Frapp everytime when in Genting Highlands to match with the chilling weather. Now, we have another option for our must-have cold dessert + cold weather combination –  ITALGelato.