Twinings Tea Meets Dinner @ Graze, Hilton KL

In conjunction with FOOD is GREAT, SHOPPING is GREAT campaign, Charles Arthur Smith, Twinings Brand Ambassador for South East Asia and Chef de Cuisine, Marc Fery from Graze Hilton KL hotel has crafted a special menu for Twinings Tea Meets Dinner, blending in best flavours of carefully picked Twinings tea to be incorporated into each dish, enhancing aroma, texture and taste of food to a more enjoyable level.

Guests are served with pre-dinner Cucumber Blossom Mocktail and Sake Blossom Cocktail upon arrival. A refreshing, soothing drink that opens up the appetite.

Green Pea Risotto, Olives, Pan-seared Scallop
paired with Twinings Delicate Darjeeling

Creamy risotto cooked with green pea, served with olives and pan-seared scallop. Seafood goes well with white wine and at certain points, the fruity, dry taste of Twinings Darjeeling Tea calls for a similarity with white wine. Calm, relaxing combination to start.

Earl Grey Cured Loch Fyne Salmon, Spinach, Lemon Butter Sauce
Paired with Twinings Earl Grey Citrus

Our favourite dish during the Twinings Tea Meets Dinner at Graze Hilton KL Hotel, same to many other guests. Salmon the clear winner, prefectly executed with 24-hours of marination using salt, spices and earl grey tea, allowing flavours of tea to infuse into the salmon, just nice, not overwhelmed. The salmon is then pan-seared only at the skin for a crispy sensation, further dressed in Lemon Butter sauce for a touch of citrusy. The faint hint of smokiness from Earl Grey, like Chinese tea, work right with the pan-sear dish.

Champagne Granite, Camomile Foam
Sublime Camomile

A glass of Champagne Granite, laced with faint hint of alcohol, topped with Camoimle Foam as palate cleanser. Icy cold, foamy dry characteristic.

Jubilee Tea Smoked Duck Breast Asparagus Tips and Buttered Cabbage
Paired with Jubilee Tea

Smoked Duck Breast, infused with Jubilee Tea, a unique blend of Chinese and Indian tea. Served over a bed of butter cabbage and asparagus tips. A bit too smoky for our liking, but the deep flavours is no doubt, noteworthy as flavours of tea gradually develops in the palate.

Rasberry and Mango Tart, Chantilly Cream
Sweet Berry Fusion

Dessert arrived beautifully, sizeable portion too. Rich and creamy, concocted with sour tang of rasberry and mango. Love the palvova pieces, with sweetness balanced up by chantily cream. Lighten down the richness with sweet berry fusion, a caffeine-free drink.

Homemade After Eight Mint
After Dinner Mint

The dinner rounds up pieces of homemade After Eight Mint. Not exactly resembles the flavours of the After Eight we usually have, but great for its chocolaty. Creamy, smooth, milky with mild bitterness.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

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