Aloft Hotel KL Sentral Welcomes New Executive Chef Phoebe Donko-Hansan

Seared Scallop RM32
Sundried Tomato risotto, artichoke hears, gremolata

Executive Chef Phoebe Donko-Hanson, Aloft Hotel KL Sentral newly appointed executive chef Ethnic-inspired cuisine is now available on Nook restaurant new menu! With a strong faith in cooking and the love in developing new styles, bold flavours, Chef Phoebe’s delicacies will certainly entice the tastebud of all hotel guests in Aloft KL Sentral.

Chef Phoebe, Aloft Hotel KL Sentral New Executive Chef

Originally from Ghana, Chef Phoebe holds a strong culinary background. She is a double degree holder in Culinary Arts and English, and moved to United States for education, sharpen her cooking skill in Boston. She then worked for Starwood Hotels & Resorts, recently served as the Executive Sous Chef at W Retreat & Spa in the Maldives (Omg~~ Maldives!!). Over the course of her dynamic career, Chef Phoebe has cooked for President Bill Clinton, as well as preparing James Beard award dinner which is recognized as culinary excellence in the United States.

Beef Carpaccio RM33
Capers, onions, gherkins, whole grain mustard, rocket, shaved parmesan

Loud applause for Chef Phoebe’s profile, and it is really a great pleasure for having the chance to savour dishes prepared by chef on a afternoon lunch in Nook Aloft KL last weekend. All food was great, from welcoming drinks to savoury courses including Miso Baked Eggplant, Beef Carpaccio, Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich (Must-try!!), Bouillabaisse Deconstruct, and so forth.

Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich RM38
Thick cut bread, braised beef, melted Gruyere cheese, red cabbage, carrat slaw, chili mayo, pickle

Asking which is our favourite dish, we will definitely give vote to Braised Beef Short Rib Sandwich from the Bite Me section. The sandwich is really, really, really good. Biting through the crispy, buttered thick cut bread and enjoy the myriad of flavours from the generous filling- braised beef, melted Gruyere cheese, red cabbage, carrot slaw, chili mayo, pickle. The cheesiness, the juiciness, the meatiness,  the butteriness, the mild spicy tanginess, every ingredient balance up each other well. So delicious that Summergirl said she can have this everyday, sharing of course as the portion is so huge that it can fit two.

Bouillabaisse Deconstruct RM52
Red snapper fillet, scallops, tiger prawn, mussels, spring onion mashed potatoes, bouillabaisse reduction

Our next favourite is Bouillabaisse Deconstruct, believe will receive praises from seafood lovers too. Beautifully presentation, lining up grilled tiger prawn, mussels laced with tomato-ish sauce, pan-seared scallops, red snapper fillet with bouillabaisse reduction. Sided with creamy soft spring onion mashed potatoes.

Miso Baked Eggplant RM38
Quinoa, brussel sprouts, asparagus, fried tofu, spring onion, soy caramel

Miso Baked Eggplant is a vegetarian friendly light fare, ideal for diners who look for healthy clean eats. The thickly cut baked eggplant is the clear winner, smoky at the side with flavour of miso laced along, finished with sweet-saltiness of soy caramel glaze. Quinoa is tossed with fried tofu and spring onion, garnished with toasted almond flakes for extra bites. Not a rich, saucy dish, but mild enough to please.

Pink Pomelo Salad RM28
Marinated prawns, mint leaf, corriander, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumber, cashews, rojak vinaigrette

Thai-inspired salad with local favourite ingredients, putting together marinated poached prawns, mint leaf, corriander, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumber, cashews with rojak vinaigrette dressing in a bowl. If we were to match the dressing with local tastebuds, some may find it fall short of flavours but still fine for us, as the pale sauce gives way to the salad ingredients to deliver their fresh, natural flavours.

Watermelon Mosaic RM22
Beetroot, pickled onions, black olives, feta cheese, broken beetroot dressing

Have been trying out few innovative dishes that incorporated watermelon as the sweet ingredient recently, but Chef Pheobe’s version deserves to be in the top list. Dual colours cubed watermelon, carefully layered with beetroot, pickled onions, black olives and feta cheese, complete with olive oil-beet root juice to form a broken marble like finish. Pretty, and lives up to its name as well. Savour slowly, get the savoury-sweet flavours develop in the palate, juicy, tangy, creamy, earthy, and a faint hint of floral aroma within.

Sago Gula Melaka RM18
Tapioca pearls, palm sugar and coconut milk with homegrown jackfruit and pomegranate garnish

End the meal with something sweet – sago gula Melaka served in a more exquisite way, together with jackfruit and pomegranate for a more colourful toppings. Palm sugar and coconut milk are filled up in syringe, a DIY kind of thingy that Nook Aloft Hotel KL Sentral has always prides at.

Comments: The arrival of Executive Chef Phoebe has undoubtedly, breathe in new life into Aloft Hotel KL. We really love her Watermelon Mosaic, Braised Beef Ribs Sandwich and Miso Baked Eggplant with Quinoa. High recommended on Nook newly revamped food menu.