Apple Hotel Causeway Bay, Hong Kong: Cheap & Clean Hotel Near MTR

This time Hong Kong trip was fruitful as we managed to review quite a few hotels within 2 days. After Mini Hotel Stanley, Mini Hotel Central, Mini Hotel Causeway Bay, Apple Dorm and The Charterhouse Causeway Bay Hong Kong, we visited Apple Hotel situated in the heart of Causeway Bay which is within walkable distance from Times Square, Hysan Place and few other shopping destination.

Located on the first floor of Pheonix Apartment, Apple Hotel may seem shabby from the outside but as you reach the room, the worries of  “yau gau yau chan” (又舊又殘/ old and torn) are thrown behind. Apple Hotel room is actually very nice, clean and comfortable, despite the small size of 50-120 square feet.

We didn’t see any beautiful, spacious lobby like Mini Hotel, but just a small counter right at the front door of Apple Hotel to assist guests. Ring the bell if no one was outside when you arrive. We like the hallway, as if appears like a gallery with many beautiful art pieces adorning the wall.

Each room has independent password lock, hence safety is guaranteed. You have your own toilet, bathroom, small working desk, TV, storage shelves, air-con, free WiFi, toiletries, water boiler, hair dryer. All basic amenities are complete, same like other hotel.

Daily rental at about HKD400 per room for Apple Hotel is considered cheap in Hong Kong, as any hotel within this area can easily surpass this price with the same size. Monthly rental is welcomed too. You may want to complain on the size but this personally, we feel that hotel plays the role as a shelter to rest, sleep and take shower.

You are not going to stay in the room whole day long, hence space shouldn’t be the main issue unless you have bigger budget to spend on accommodation. Most importantly – the bed is nice to sleep with. Apple Hotel definitely fits this well with its comfy soft bed.

Besides, what we love most about this hotel is the location. Walk out from the hotel and within 2 minutes, you will be at Lee Garden One. Go on the other direction and walk for another 5 minutes you will be at Times Square and Hysan Place behind it. You can access to other places by taking MTR Causeway Bay here. Convenient huh? Speaking about food, there’s many eateries around Apple Hotel.

Yes, we spotted Honey Creme Softserve and the famous Pak Loh Chiu Chow restaurant. =D

For more information and booking, check out Apple Hotel Website HERE.

Apple Hotel Address:
1/F, 54-70 Lee Garden Road,
Phoenix Apartment,
Causeway Bay Hong Kong.