Kitchen Food Court Dragon Centre @ Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong: Eat!

Our stomach started growling after hours of shopping in Dragon Centre Shopping Mall, Sham Shui Po. Hence we stepped into the two famous Hong Kong bakery shops guarding the main entrance of Dragon Centre – Kee Wah Biscuits奇華餅家 and Maxim’s Cake美心西餅 for some baking goodness. Tried out few cakes, biscuits and egg tarts. Generally tasted average, not much surprise.

Still hungry, we decided to visit Dragon Centre Kitchen Food Court at 8th floor for early dinner. Why food court and not any other restaurants or cafes? Because we were told that their food court houses wide food selections in different cuisines. This means we can savour more delicacies under one roof. So why not?

From Hong Kong Bou Zai Fan (Claypot Rice), Wantan Mee,  Cheh Zai Meen (Cart Noodles) to international cuisines such as Japanese Bento, Chinese Dumpling, Japanese Udon, Korean bibimbap, Taiwanese Fried Mee Hoon, Korean BBQ, Japanese Ramen, Singapore Chicken Rice,Western Pasta, Taiwan Bubble Milk Tea, Milk Crepe, Ice Cream, Istanbul Kebab…the list is so long, surely there’s something that can please your palate.

Oh yeah, we spotted Taiwan Shihlin Snacks 臺灣士林小吃 there too. Never realize the brand has expanded to Hong Kong! Saw a snack that Malaysia doesn’t have – Cheesy Chicken Combo that put together Shihlin Fried Chicken with Deep Fried Sweet Potato and finally, drizzles of cheesy sauce! Never tried out any though, as XXL Large Fried Chicken itself is already almost triple the price in Malaysia. But we believe the taste will be as good.

After walking for few rounds, we finally ordered Hong Kong Claypot Rice from Bou Bou Hou 煲煲好 and Taiwanese Zha Jiang Mian from Alishan 阿里山.

Bou Bou Hou 煲煲好 specializes in a wide varieties of Claypot Rice including Mui Choy Minced Pork Clayport Rice, Salted Fish Minced Pork Claypot Rice, Salted Fish Pork Neck Claypot Rice, Yam with Lap Cheong Claypot Rice, Dace Fish with Salted Black Beans Claypot Rice, Lap Cheong with Chicken Claypot Rice, Yam with Chicken Feet Claypot Rice, Pork Ribs with Chicken Claypot Riece, etc.

Lap Cheong with Chicken Claypot Rice HKD36

All seem promising and we took some time browsing through the menu before settling down on Lap Cheong with Chicken Claypot Rice.

Each rice dish is accompanied with soup + vegetable, only HKD36. Definitely value for price! It is even cheaper than the bowl of Sai Yong Wantan Mee we had in Central. Taste wise, it was quite decent, sufficient to fill a hungry tummy. We liked the tender smooth chicken chunks but lap cheong was a tad too oily from our liking. Vegetable was nice, not sure why. In fact, all vegetables we had in Hong Kong were really good. ‘coz of better soy sauce and oyster sauce? Just guessing.

Taiwanese Zha Jiang Mian HKD32

Alishan Taiwanese Zha Jiang Mian is huge in portion, with saucy, creamy minced meat sauce topping over a bed of noodles. The meat gravy seems too little to coat each strand of noodle evenly initially, but after tossing well, we found it was just nice. Not too oily, nor cloying. Quench the thirst with Taiwanese drinks from the stall, by adding HKD5 with main course.

So many food, so little stomach. We were full after finishing our rice and noodles. Has been eyeing on Chinese Dumpling from 8Way 八方雲集鍋貼水餃專賣店 and Japanese Curry Katsu Rice from Gin Curry 銀咖喱. Look so yummy! Will check them out next time when in Dragon Centre.