Tanjung Sepat 1 Day Trip: What to Do in Tanjung Sepat

Tanjung Sepat is a small town located in Kuala Langat district of Selangor, about 100KM from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. If you happened to be in AVANI Sepang Gold Coast and Gold Coast Morib, the two most famous resorts along Sepang Coastline for short getaway, do take a half day trip to Tanjung Sepat for some nice food, and traditional coffee. Because the town sort of, located in between these two hotels.

Tanjung Sepat gets its name from the word Tanjung, meaning cape in English, and Sepat, a type of fish. It used to be a fishing village but due to pollution in Straits of Malacca, this activity is becoming less intensive, but still part of the daily scene here. A half day to one day trip here during weekend or long holidays is ideal, as this place allows you to slow down your hectic pace in the city, stroll along the seaside and enjoy the gentle breeze.

How far is Tanjung Sepat from KL? About one and a half hour drive from KL City Centre. It is easy for locals to reach there by driving, but for tourists, suggest to rent a van or cab to go around tourist spots in the area.

How’s the weather in Tanjung Sepat? Depends on your luck. Either hot and humid weather with clear blue sky or rainy, gloomy sky which happened to us.

What to eat in Tanjung Sepat? Duck soup seafood noodles (we miss this), Seafood Bak Kut Teh, Minced Meat Pau, Mui Choy Pau, Traditional Kopi, and again, seafood feast in restaurant during lunch or dinner.

What to do in Tanjung Sepat? Frankly speaking, there’s nothing much to do in Tanjung Sepat. It is not as crowded as Sekinchan, even on holidays. The main reason that drives us over is the beautiful scenery of trees on beach during low tide. Other activities that sum up the whole journey. Tanjung Sepat community has opened a website, which has brief information about the town, and a tour map to guide you through. Have this with you and you are good to go. Summarize 13 things to do in Tanjung Sepat in this blog post. Here is the Tanjung Sepat map in PDF:

Our itinerary: Ah Hock Tanjung Sepat Bak Kut Teh (1 hour)-> Lover ‘s Bridge (torn down) -> Qing Ren Qiao Local Product Shop (30 minutes) -> Qing Ren Qiao Cultural Street (20minutes) -> Gano Mushroom Farm & HomeStay (30 minutes) -> Tanjung Sepat Batu Laut Beach (1 hour) -> Kuan Wellness Eco Park (30 minutes) -> Hai Yew Heng Pau (10minutes) -> Kwa Zha B Coffee -> Mei Mei ambra Juice -> Joo Fa Coffee Trading -> Mr Black Homemade Pau (10 minutes)

1)Restoran Ah Hock Tanjung Sepat Bak Kut Teh
Lot 2260, Lorong 7,
Jalan Besar,Tanjung Sepat,
Contact:019-606 6288/ 019-668 4699
Opening Hours: 6AM -12.30PM

Our journey in Tanjung Sepat began with breakfast in Restoran Ah Hock Bak Kut Teh, a restaurant famous for its seafood bak kut teh. A pot of bak kut teh brimming with fish fillet, prawns, squid, pork belly for 2, priced at RM30. You can also order other items like steamed fish, vegetables, and other “dai chao” dishes.

We prefer the classic version of bak kut teh over this. Herbs flavour are mild, taken over by seafood sweetness. Mixed feelings drinking bak kut teh that has complicated flavours in it. Prawns wasn’t fresh, but luckily pork meat was good.

2) Tanjung Sepat Lover Bridge (No longer there)
After lunch, we drove to Lover ‘s Bridge, which was about 5minutes away from Ah Hock. Sadly, the must-visit Lover ‘s Bridge is torn down. We didn’t even have the chance to capture the “collapsed bridge” version. What welcoming us when we reached was a a lane of sand, mud, rocks and excavator. Not sure if the bridge would be rebuilt, So in case you want to take picture with bridge streches out to the sea, there are two more bridges to the left, and right of Lover’s Bridge.

3) Tanjung Sepat Wishing Trees & Wishing Well

Make a wish, make a wish. Who said you can’t hang a Christmas hang on a Wishing Tree? Saw this on our way to Lover’s Bridge. So cute.

4) Tanjung Sepat Twin Towers
LOL. This is innovative by stacking up Nu Er Hong Chinese Wine to resemble Malaysia Petronas Twin Towers. It is located along Qing Ren Qiao Cultural Street, beside Qing Ren Qiao Souvenir Shop.

Do check out also some of the “wall art mural” along the place too!

5) Ganofarm Homestay 宝芝林度假屋
Lot 700, Jalan Laut Membiru,
Taman Pelangi, 42800 Tanjong Sepat, Selangor.
Website: http://www.ganofarm.com
Contact : 03-3197 3919

Ganofarm Homestay is not only a homestay, but also an important Malaysian based mushroom research company that cultivates, develops, manufactures, markets fresh mushrooms and mushroom-based products. Ling Zhi Mushoom, Abalone Mushroom, Monkey Head Mushroom, Black Jelly Mushroom, you name it, they have it. Bought a bottle of Ling Zhi Mushroom Drink – so BITTER.

6) Bridge behind Ganofarm Homestay

Walked pass the factory area of Ganofarm, we discovered a bridge behind it. Love this place a lot.

7) Kuan Wellness Eco Park 官燕苑自然生态园
Lot 408, Jalan Tanjung Layang,
Kg Tanjung Layang,
Mukim Batu,
42800 Tanjung Sepat,
Selangor, Malaysia
Contact : +603-3148 1126

We were quite disappointed with Kuan Wellness Eco Park. It has the most outstanding theme, outfront and landscape among all other attractions in Tanjung Sepat. They are doing well for birdnest research and production, but sorry to say that, theme park wise, they still have a long way to go.

When we first saw the charming windmill in some blog reviews, we thought Kuan Wellness Eco Park will be like a themepark in Hua Hin Swiss Sheep Farm, alongside with birdnest gallery and eco-tourism garden. Upon reaching, there’s only one small area with a windmill landed on meadow, a wooden cow to complete.

There’s an EcoFarm next to it, RM5 per person. If you wish to visit their birdnest center, RM10 per entry per person. We read from the website saying that they have a Nature Walk beside Kuan Wellness, but we just couldn’t find it. Paid RM20 for a cup of Snow Fungus Bird Nest Drink at their Smoke-Free Eco Cafe, and left after 20 minutes.

8)Perniagaan Pau Hai Yew Heng 海友兴包点
405 Lorong 4
Jalan Pasar,
42800 Tanjung Sepat,
Kuala Langat,
Contact:012-272 9009 / 03-3197 4144
Opening Hours:1pm-6pm/ 10-6pm (PH)

A trip to Tanjung Sepat is incomplete without sinking your teeth to Tanjung Sepat Pau namedly Hai Yew Heng Meat Pau and Mui Choy Pau. While Summergirl loves their Mui Choy Pau a lot, Summerkid on the other hand, fancy the meat pau filled with big chunks of pork meat, laced in saucy, sweet sauce akin to Char Siew Pau. Pretty different from the Meat Pau we normally have in KL dim sum restaurant. But RM2.80 for a small bun, we don’t think it worth the price. Hai Yew Heng has a new outlet in Johor Bahru Mount Austin too.

9) Kwo Zha B Coffee 古早味咖啡

Kwo Zha B Coffee is located few doors away from Hai Yew Heng Pau. You can buy packets of coffee here. Free testing is available too. We were told that Joo Fa Trading, which is one street away from Kwa Zha B, offers better coffee in Tanjung Sepat,

10) Mei Mei Sha Lei Shui 梅梅沙梨水
405 Lorong 4
Jalan Pasar
42800 Tg. Sepat,
Kuala Langat, Selangor.
Contact: 0176231591
Opening Time: 10AM-6PM (Sat,Sun,PH)

Get yourself a bottle of sha lei shui, or Ambra Juice from Mei Mei Stall opposite to Pau Hai Yew Heng. There’s also Ice Creams, Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Vietnamiese Prawn Fritters, Pineapple stalls around, flourishes the tourist scene along this narrow lane.

11)Joo Fa Trading 裕发咖啡贸易
No. 356, Lorong 5, J
alan Besar,
42800 Tanjung Sepat
Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: +6012-972 2886 / +603-3197 4862

Joo Fa Trading roasts one of the best coffee beans in Tanjung Sepat. You can purchase coffee powder here. We were told that Joo Fa will be opening coffee cultural exhibition hall with cafe atatched to it, not too far from Joo Fa current location.

12)Mr Black Home Made Pau
No 542, Lorong 2,
42800 Tanjung Sepat
Kuala Langat Selangor

New shop with seating, but non-air con
No.7, Jalan Bawal,
Taman Mutiara,
42800 Tanjung Sepat,Selangor
Opening Hours: 10AM-6PM

We couldn’t locate Mr Black Home Made Pau shop in Lorong 2, so before heading back to KL, we stopped by at Mr. Black Home Made Pau new shop in Jalan Bawal ( same row with 99 Supermart) and bought some pau back home. As mentioned above, some say Mr Black produces better pau than Hai Yew Heng but we feel both has their own strength. Hai Yew Heng pau size is smaller, thinner bun, more filling, more expensive, less polite service; while Mr Black has thicker bun, denser texture, more flavourful fillings, cheaper and of course, very attentive service.

We tried out Chicken Rice Wine Pau 黃酒雞包 and Deep Fried Char Siew Bun 黃金脆皮叉燒包. Chicken Rice Wine Bun sounds interesting, tastes equally unique too, just flavours of ginger was rather overloaded. Deep Fried Golden Char Siew Pau is our favourite. Mr Black Homemade Pau has been popular for their Golden Deep Fried Bun all this while. You can choose whatever pau you like, and deep fried them to get a crispy golden outer layer that adds crunchy texture to your pau, making it more “bun-licious”.

13) Batu Laut Tanjung Sepat

Keep the best for last! Our top favourite place – Tanjung Sepat beach. Too bad there’s no blue sky during our visit but the gloomy scene set off by abundance of dead trees and mangrove trees is stunning too!

We left after 1PM, skipping few other places which you may be interest, as below:

14)Multi-Rich Pitaya Sdn. Bhd
A-126, Kampung Baru,43900 Sepang
A dragon fruit farm, where you can purchase dragon fruit, quench your thirst with dragon fruit drink, or munch down dragon fruit ice cream.

15)Malayan Food Industries Sdn Bhd
(Tanjung Sepat Tanjung Chips)
Lot 2926, Kg. Tumbuk Darat,
42800 Tanjung Sepat,
Selangor, Malaysia .
Contact: 03-31972888 / 019-278 3889
Opening Hours :8AM-6.30PM
Potato Chips here is good!

16) Yek Loong Enterprise 裕隆海产企业
No.30, Jalan Bawah Satu, Tanjung Sepat,
42800 Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-31972728/012-640 3551/013-3902013
You can buy freshly made fishballs here.

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  • Hey! Tanjung Sepat is my hometown and I stumbled across this post by your blog. I think you missed out the better place for the Seafood Bak Kut Teh and Mr.Black IS a better place to go rather than Hai Yew Heng. You should try YiKee instead of Ah Hock. They have better tasting Bak kut teh and the seafood version as well with fresher ingredients. A must try would be the 炒鱼 (chao yu), a dish with a special dark sauce stir fried with fish. Other than that, there are seafood restaurants that you SHOULD be tasting. For example, Restoran Baywatch and Restoran Batu Laut. Kuan's Wellness Eco-Park isn't much of a themepark, neither is it somewhere I would go to experience the fullness of Tanjung Sepat. As someone who has experienced a lot in Tanjung Sepat, I would like to conclude my comment with how you didn't experience the best of Tanjung Sepat and I hope you would visiting again.

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