Eggu Eggettes & Softserve Ice Cream @ Atria Shopping Gallery PJ

Eggu at Atria Shopping Gallery may not have the most strategic location in the mall, but some extra walking to reach their kiosk at level 3 is all worth to savour Eggu delicious Gei Dan Zei aka eggettes, Hong Kong ‘s most popular snack and softserve ice cream.

We will not skip tucking into Gei Dan Zai everytime in Hong Kong, but when the craving for this street food rises back in Malaysia, we can only look at photos. Well, you don’t get eggettes as easy as getting a packet of nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur though. There are few cafes in Kuala Lumpur selling this Hong Kong style egg waffle by now, one of the latest would be Eggu in Atria. Dropped by to try it out yesterday, and glad that it tasted decent.

Eggu specializes in Gei Dan Zai, freshly prepared using imported ingredients to ensures the best flavours and quality possible. Softserve takes a notable place on Eggu menu too, putting together Banana Chocolate, Pinky Milk, Natural Milk, Chocolate & Milk, and Premium Dark at price from RM8.50 to RM10.50. For Eggettes, enjoy Original Eggettes at RM6.90, or flavour infused Gei Dan Zai including Choco Chips Eggettes, Green Tea Eggettes, Butterscotch Eggettes, and Charcoal Eggettes at RM7.90 per rack.

Signature Eclipse RM15.90

Eggettes. Softserve. Have them separate. Have them together. Being a dessert lover like Summergirl, having both together is a must, because she says this will doubling up the happiness. For those who has a sweet tooth, suggest to go for Eggettes X Softserve from Eggu special menu – Signature Eclipse ( the best seller),  Thunder or Lady Bird. RM15.90 per cup.

We sampled Eggu highly recommended Eclipse, having premium milk base soft serve ice cream twisted with 66% of dark chocolate, bottomed with biscuits, fresh banana, topped with choco chips eggettes to result in a photography-worthy dessert cup. Surprised with the very dense, creamy and chocolaty dark chocolate soft serve, almost like chomping down a bar of chocolate, but soft version. Great choice for chocolate lovers.

Lady Bird RM15.90

Summergirl prefers Ladybird, a more feminine and fruity treat that layering up biscuits, chopped peach, followed by swirls of original milk base soft serve ice cream, garnished with 100% pure dry strawberry powder and crispy original eggettes to complete. We enjoyed the dry strawberry powders, with pronounced tangy sensation to perk up our palate within deep milkiness of softserve ice cream.

Great dessert cafe to stop by after shopping in Atria Shopping Mall. Check them out at Level 3, between Explorer Outfitter and Molly Fantasy children arcade center, few kiosks away from Taiwan Shihlin Street Snacks.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Eggu Eggettes & Softserve Ice cream (Explorer Outfitter and Molly Fantasy)
Atria Shopping Gallery,Level 3,
TK3A(a), Jalan SS22/23,
47400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun (11:00am – 9:30pm)
Contact No: 03 – 7732 0749